A New Home

Hey everyone - I'm testing out moving my blog to TypePad. So please visit me at my new home at http://lisacohen.typepad.com . If all works out I will make it permanent!! There are some great features over there... including a new feature - my Photo Journal (is on the right hand side of over at Typepad) that I plan to showcase a daily photograph from my life. Please let me know what you think. :-)


Scrap-Artist All Day CROP!

Can't believe that I haven't posted this yet here.... go get some FREE papers from the talented designers at ScrapArtist. And all day Sunday, Aug 28 there will be crops with links to matching elements. Here's the crop line-up:

10:00AM EST: Ad Challenge with Monique and Dani.

1:00PM EST: Sketch Challenge with ME!

4:00PM EST: Font Challenge with Cindy and Stephanie.

7:00PM EST: Scraplift Challenge with Jessica and Lyndsay.

10:00PM EST: Art Inspiration Challenge with Nancie, Michelle and Dianne! This one is a Surprise! They will be giving you a fabulous mini kit!

11:00PM EST: Ad Inspiration Challenge with Andrea and Jenn.

So please join us in the ScrapArtist Chat Room!!


No cropping...no color correction...no fancy grunge border... no level adjustment. This is real life photography to capture a silly moment. Restroom doors usually remain closed but this time Jessi had just finished going potty. See with the first child we had those toilet locks that most of our adult guests would have near-accidents just trying to figure out how to open the %$&* things. But with the second one... well Jessi still needs to be able to go to the bathroom without asking us to open the tiolet every time....So we just have to keep the doors closed because someone likes to play with water - of any kind. Not exactly what I have in mind when I think of modern-day eau de toilette.

Lots of excitement!

Great news on the allergy front. I called up the dr. that we went to see 2 weeks ago and we got the results back from his blood test - and HE'S OUTGROWN HIS WHEAT AND DAIRY allergy!!! WAHOOOO. I don't know if I could shout that any loudly! This is FANTASTIC - which means he WON'T NEED to be on formula for all of next year and possibly beyond. He'll be able to switch to milk relatively soon after turning one. And for his first birthday I won't need to be making the brown rice birthday cake (even though I now have $45 worth of allergy baking products). And the tests also showed that he is no longer allergic to corn, oatmeal, peas, bananas, or millet. He is still VERY allergic to eggs, peanuts, and sesame seeds. Who cares?! The kid can eat a piece of plain bread should the desire for anything other than purees strike his fancy (given that no eggs were in said bread - hey that rhymed).

I'm also so excited because I signed Jessi up for dance class!! It's a ballet and tap class (but for age range and there's a recital at the end - how cute!!). I'm not really a girlie-girl but this makes me giddy! I don't know if it's a right of passage thing, or because I did it when I was younger, or because we're trying something different, or because she'll wear a cute little leaotard... but I am just so happy about this. And maybe this will get me into the girlie spirit! Maybe I will be able to embrace my inner-girlie-girl. She must be lurking somewhere in there! So here's a photo as we are trying on some ballet shoes that we bought for class.

And tap shoes too!


Here's a LO I did tonight. HOP (Hooked on Phonics) Time - Summer 2005

Papers and hemp tie from Beach Day by Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals (tag made by me from Beach Day papers), Alpha Weathered Round (time) from Michelle Coleman

"My goal this summer was to teach you to read. I don�t know why I picked this to be our project. Why not how to be more comfortable on your big girl bike? I guess it�s because Ryan was still taking naps so I wanted to stay close to home and it was a very hot and buggy summer so I wanted to stay inside. We always suspected that you were very advanced for your age. So why not try! We had started using BOB books with much success but I wanted something more structured for us to follow so I bought Hooked on Phonics at Costco. Most days when Ryan went down for his first nap we would go to the kitchen table and do some HOP Time. Every time you finished reading a story you put a sticker up on our sticker chart. It is so much fun seeing your progress. Summer�s end is near and you can read well over 200 words! I�m so proud of you!"

Fonts Batik Regular, Klill-LightTallX

Doesn't everything look better with a white sheet and some indirect window light!! Introducing Chocolate Chip Zucchini bread that wouldn't come out of the pan - so I photgraphed it in the pan!! A BIGGG HELLO to my new friend Wendy (if you're catching up and reading blogs today)!! I did NO scrapping last night because all I did was chat with her! So fun! I hope Sophie gets well soon! And to Abby - hope lil A get's better in time to for your trip to FL!

Some of our projects over the past 3 days... making pesto with basil from the garden.

And making a bouquet of flowers.



Today was the last day of gymnastics - and I don't think we'll be signing up again for the next session - so it's only fitting to share a LO I did of Jessi at her class earlier in the session. Stitching from Katie Periet at Designer Digitals...everything else from Jen Wilson's Worn Comfort.