Bubble Wrap

We went through our first huge roll of bubble wrap last weekend. So today I had to get more - lots more. Yikes, the move is only 8 days away. We have the final walk-through tomorrow.

Mike packed up lots of the remaining storage stuff last night while I went on a McFlurry run. Yes, I did go to a McDonald's drive-thru (shocking, I know). But a pregnant girl has her cravings and I had just finished the pint of Ben & Jerry's the previous night (and there also wasn't enough of Mike's ice cream left). The best flavor in the whole world is B&J's Oatmeal Cookie. Hands Down. The Best. And to think I didn't even know it existed a month ago.

I finished the back and the left front to the Debbie Bliss cardigan for the baby. On to the right front. I love my Addi Turbos that I'm using for the ribbing. It's my first pair but I think I will need to get more. Now to figure out what project I will do next. Perhaps finish the cardigan or sweater I have so close to being done for Jessi. Naaah. It's no fun to talk about things that are almost done - it's much more fun to start new things.

It was fish day at Arts & Crafts class so we painted lots of fish for our paper fish bowls. This time I remembered to bring an old T-shirt for myself so I didn't ruin another shirt. Yippee! Then we went to our favorite park to go on the swings and had a run-in with some cicadas. The little one was horrified and she wanted to leave the park after that. Didn't even want to go down the slide. I tried to tell her that cicadas are nice bugs that only fly around and that they don't hurt, sting, or bite you. They might bump into you but that's it. I compared them to butterflies. She didn't buy it. I have to admit, they are ugly; not at all like butterflies.


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