Final Walk-though - well almost

So we had the final walk-through yesterday on the new house but I didn't make sure the water and gas were on so we are going to have to do it again on Tuesday. It was a huge mistake and I feel horrible. Luckily there was power so we were able to check the bulbs and outlets. Jessi was more whiny than usual yesterday, missed her nap (as often happens when we visit our new house) and we were at our wits end. And then what happens that makes me feel that pang of parental guilt? The little one wakes up today with a runny nose saying she doesn't feel good. It's enough to drive a stake through my heart. I wish I had been more patient yesterday.

The good thing I noticed about the new place yesterday is that there is plenty of room for a good kitchen garden (with enough sun), which was the last thing I was worried about (aside from every single cabinet). I tried to do some planting while we were there but the ground feels as if it has never been turned in the last 14 years. It's total clay. I'm surprised that weeds can grow in those conditions but they do! There is much composting and amending to do and I'm in no condition to be doing it this season. As of tomorrow I'm supposed to be on restricted activity (doctors recommendation in an effort to avoid the previous pre-term labor debacle). I'm going to need my strong (and not pregnant) husband's help on this.


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