This is a birdseye view of the sock in its current state. This is my doctor's appointment project since I only really work on this while in the waiting room at doctor's appointments. I suppose if I want to have 2 socks to wear I will need to start knitting this more often. But I'm in no rush. I don't think I will be cold for many more months. I remember being very hot all the time during the last few months of pregnancy and also while nursing.

This is the heel on my first sock. I'm very proud of it because I was so intimidated by the whole sock/double pointed needles thing. Posted by Hello

Here's a closeup of the 2x2 ribbing on the sock I'm currently working on. Posted by Hello

Baby Blanket closeup. This is my first try at lace knitting. It makes a nice scalloped edge too. Posted by Hello

Here's a picture of the baby blanket I am knitting for baby #2 in Encore Worsted in an oatmeal color. Posted by Hello


Here's what 27 weeks pregnant look like on me. This picture was taken last week. Posted by Hello

Side 2 of the Vintage Poncho is finished! Finished poncho photos to follow in the upcoming days. Posted by Hello

Here's the Oakley Shawl in Suede row 93. Posted by Hello

Here's the Grace ribbing that I started yesterday. I have four inches of the ribbing to do for the back. The color is a much more muted pink than shows up in the picture. I promise, it's not bubble gum pink. Posted by Hello

The Future's So Bright I Have To Wear Shades

Okay it's the window that needs shades. For the past 3 weeks in the new house we have felt like we were camping outdoors due to the crappy window coverings on the windows in our bedroom (and Jessica's been waking up much earlier too because of hers in her room). So this past weekend was filled with home improvements and unpacking (mostly on Mike's part). We the all-important room-darkening shades now for our room but still a sliver of sunlight escapes from the shades in the wee hours of the morning and creates a slash across my and Mike's face as we are trying to steal some last minutes of sleep before the alarm goes off. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm already up due to baby #2 either kicking or hiccupping or generally making it more difficult to slumber - but Mike's trying to get some last minutes of sleep. But the new blinds are such a huge improvement (and Mike worked so hard on them - he even decided to skip the local beer festival to get some things done around the house - Mike, are you sure you're feeling okay?).

I got my Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora from Patternworks for my Debbie Bliss Grace Cardigan. I got gauge in stockinette so I started right away. I read bad reviews of this yarn on a Knitter's Review forum search. It sheds and has no memory since it's made of cotton and angora which both have no memory so we'll see how this turns out. So far it's nice and I like the muted pink color.

I want to learn to sew now after seeing Leigh's Rural Messenger Bag (an Amy Butler pattern) and checking out the Amy Butler web site with all the different fabrics. Here's the Rural Messenger Bag on the Amy Butler Site. Aaah, the possibilities.


Here's the close up of the Regia sock yarn self-striping pattern in Las Vegas. I love the bright funky colors. Posted by Hello

This is the yarn for the cabled vest. It's Rowan Felted Tweed in Phantom. It's a nice warm brown color that reminds me of hot cocoa. Posted by Hello

Here's the picture for the vest that's "on hold" currently since I won't fit into it for some time. It's from Hip to Knit. I wanted something that would be good for a first cable project. Posted by Hello

Here's a picture of the early days of my first sock. It's progressed much more since then and I'll post the recent picture soon. Posted by Hello


Hanging Out

We're just hanging out watching JoJo's circus after a late night of (me) watching Mike hook up his Father's Day present - Tivo for the bedroom! It's still not working perfectly - the home network part is not showing up yet. But I think we need to wait until tonight to give it time to activate. Tivo is so cool; it's one of my favorite companies. The product does what it's supposed to do and makes my life so much better! I don't even watch much TV (Jessi has most of the Tivo space on our living room Tivo) but it makes me happy to be able to zap commercials or replay a line that I missed (No more of Me: "What did he say"; Mike: "I don't know" or if he does now then we miss the next part while he's telling me what I missed). Now just hit the instant replay button. And Tivo just added the home network option for free so we can hook up to our home network and listen to music and view pictures on our TV.

I started my Sundby last night on my new Denise needles. They are so great. I wish I had bought these earlier so I could have saved some money (well, who am I kidding, just redistributed it to yarn purchases) on the different needle sizes I bought. So now I have a good amount of projects going on. I'm going to try to finish baby #2's classic cardigan because I want to get it DONE already. Same thing for Jessi's sweater (my first sweater attempt) but I haven't learned on how to properly sew on a button yet. Maybe the closer yarn store that I haven't visited will have a nice staff that will help show me how to do this.

I finally decided on what my Mother's Day and birthday presents from Mike/Jessi will be. I've been holding off until there was something that I wanted (yarn related, but I'll get to that) - I thought I'd want gardening things for the new house but I'm in no condition to garden. That would be stupid of me. I could just see going into preterm labor because I just had to get the rosemary planted out front. So I'm forgoing this year's growing season and will start again with seeds this winter. When we moved I even had all the seedlings thrown out (I could not do this myself). I did plant a few plants on the day of our walkthrough and the tomatoes are doing quite well with pretty much no care since I haven't done more than look at them since moving in. I don't think there will be any actual tomatoes since they were planted so late but it's nice to see something grow that I started from seed. So for these past holidays/events I'm going to order the yarn and pattern for Debbie Bliss' Grace cardigan and either material for a Booga Bag or Charlotte's Web... haven't decided. I'm sure if I keep searching the web I will find more patterns I like so I should just stay away from surfing knitting sites but I don't think this will happen. Here are other patterns I also like:

  • Ruffle Edge Cardigan - by Debbie Bliss (Baby Cashmerino)
  • Cabled Jacket by Debbie Bliss (Cashmerino Superchunky)
  • Arla/Vendela by Cornelia Tuttle Hamiton in Noro
  • Bel-Air in Rowan Cotton Plaid
  • Spray from Rowan's Plaid Collection
  • Lush from Rowan's All Season Cotton Collection
  • Joy from Rowan's Cotton Tape Collection (maybe next year)
  • Shells from Rowan's Cotton Tape Collection (also maybe next year)
  • Vanilla from Rowan's Cotton Tweed Collection
  • Hush from Rowan's Calmer Collection
  • Loll from Rowan's Calmer Collection
  • Pagan from Rowan's Calmer Collection
  • Lottie from Rowan's Bigger Picture
  • Candy from Rowan's Big Easy (scroll all the way down to the tote at the end of the page)
  • Lacy Accents Scarf
  • Up-town Tote

And here's something fun:

Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com


Sprung a leak - again.

When the repairmen came to fix the drywall/sheetrock/carpet/carpet pad issues they found another leak (or the first one wasn't done right) so they had to go get material and are coming back to do the work tomorrow. Will this ever stop? So Father's Day activities won't be happening as planned since we will be stuck in the house waiting for repairment to come and then to finish. And who knows how long it will take.

In all of this crappy news there is good news too (gotta have some balance), Mike replaced all of the ugly knobs in the kitchen with beautiful stainless steel knobs and it makes a huge difference! I love it. And this morning we picked out (and agreed on - yes, that means we both like it, unlike the couches/bookcases/dining room table from 6 years ago) a color we like for the floor in the entryway and kitchen area (buh-bye 80's mauve tile and icky linoleum - I'm sure you were in style at some point but not right now).

I went to Hunt Country Yarns for a visit and didn't like it as much as Woolwinders but I did make a purchase. I went to buy some circular needles for some new projects (US 9, 10, 10 1/2) and instead came home with Denise interchangeables and I've started knitting the Oakley shawl with it and I really like them! They aren't as warm as Crystal Palace or slick as Addi Turbos but they are so versatile (Mike said they looked something MacGyver would use) and I love gadgets!


Need to squeeze the Charmin

This is not going to be good. The closest yarn store is about 30-40 minutes away. And a really good one is 45 minutes to an hour away. I called 3 of them yesterday and none of them even carry Debbie Bliss yarns. Seeing as I'm expecting our 2nd little one soon it would be foolish of me to think that I could start a yarn store here anytime soon but I'd like to! When I'm pregnant I tend to sense impending doom - as in my life as I know it will end and so think of ways to be productive and get a sense of accomplishment ( a sort of denial). Silly, yes I know, but maybe it has something to do with hormones. With Jessica I really liked the idea of the Edible Schoolyard Project which I still love but apparently with this one I want to open a retail store and go back to work. I *have* always wanted to start my own business so this does fit. I'll check back with myself in a little while (maybe after I'm getting sleep again with the 2nd one). Seems like I have a bit of research to do in the mean time.

I've decided to rip out the pink Manos del Uruguay that I put in my Vintage Knits Poncho because it doesn't really go with the other colors and I'd rather not waste my Manos. I'll try to find a sweater or cardigan pattern like I had originally planned - not sure if I have enough (5 skeins).

My yarn package arrived from Woolwinders - yippee!! Now I have to check to see if I have the right size needles for either project. I'm planning on checking out Hunt Country Yarns this weekend so I can get needles there if I need. So what turned out as something fun to do with a friend because she wanted to learn on a cold day in December is now my own obsession.

I gave up on Henry and June and have instead decided to try Anna Karenina again. Yes, yes I know Oprah has picked this as part of her book club, I don't care, I think it's a good time to read it. It's the summer and there's nothing good to watch on TV anymore. West Wing, Arrested Development, Friends are all over for the season. Even the NBA finals are done. Yesterday I sat knitting while Mike watched Star Trek: Enterprise. There is nothing I even want to Tivo. I guess we will try to catch up on movies that we haven't seen since Jessi was born!! We Tivoed Spiderman last night and since Spiderman 2 is in theater's soon I wanted to see the first one so I'm caught up. Now that we've moved closer to family we are actually going to get to see more than 1 movie a year in the theaters. I'm so excited. I really want to see the Harry Potter movie since I'm a big fan. I tried to read Anna Karenina in high school (I still have my copy of it from then) and it was just too long for my immature attention span. Plus I will probably take a peak at the Oprah site to read the book club reading guide. I'll take my help where I can get it.

The perinatologist visit this afternoon went well. Everything's the right length and closed the way it's supposed to be. The baby weighs about 2.2 pounds and is moving around like an acrobat. So everything's good in that department. I have another appointment in 2 weeks for another internal ultrasound.

Tonight I'm getting a pedicure with my cousin for some pampering. Since I can't reach my toes comfortably enough to put on shoes with laces I thought it'd be a nice treat. I'm so looking forward to it. My footsies are looking a little rough around the edges from a long, dry DC winter.


Yarn Acquisition Time

Today has been a temper-tantrum filled day. The joys of the terrible 2's, which really last from age 1 until 4 for those of you that are uninitiated parents or are too far removed from your parenting young children days. And most of the appliances still are not in and will not be delivered today. But the dishwasher is here - maybe I can do the laundry in there... anyone tried that before? And I did get an estimate on the drywall/sheetrock/carpet/carpet pad fixing. But alas, the crying and screaming and kicking and hitting me got to me and I had to buy some yarn.

I placed an order Woolwinders for 5 balls of Suede in Wild Bill (# 3717) for a cool shawl and 5 skeins of Noro Kochoran #31 (thank you Jacqui for not laughing at my mispronunciation of this yarn) for Sundby. She won't be getting Koigu in until September. I will need to get some before then because I'm sure I will want to start Charlotte's Web (bad case of startitis going on over here) but from what I hear it's an addictive yarn so I will go and check out the stock in September (Cindy - up for a field trip and day activities for the kids?). And Jacqui had all of this in stock and is shipping it right out! She is the best.


25 weeks

Today I'm 25 weeks pregnant and went to the new OB near my new house and I was not impressed. She seemed a little too low-key about my previous pre-term labor. But I will see a perinatologist and hopefully they will be more concerned. I loved my previous OB so this is a particularly hard part of moving. I've been feeling lots of movement, sometimes at inopportune times. Hello, I'm glad you're moving in there but isn't 5:30 a little early? Apparently not. And every time I get a Braxton-Hicks contraction I look at my watch to time the minutes until the next one - I call this Previous Pre-Term Labor Syndrome.

Tomorrow the new appliances are being delivered - YIPEE! I will have a stove that doesn't burn me again. And we're having someone come down to examine the drywall/sheetrock/carpet/carpet pad damage.

I keep looking through my Patternworks catalog and circling things but never placing an order. I've been hard at work on the oatmeal baby blanket whenever I got a chance today.

I made delicious cupcakes and mini-cupcakes from one of my favorite cookbooks, King Arthur Flour's Baker's Companion. I particularly love them because you can always call their baker's hotline if you have any questions. I made the Cinnamon Puffs but added vanilla, cinnamon, mini-chocolate chips, and mini-cinnamon chips to the batter. Yum! Jessica helped to dip the tops in melted butter and then the sugar-cinnamon topping. I love cinnamon so I will add more ground cinnamon next time... it would be even better with Penzey's Extra Fancy Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon, my favorite, but I'm currently out of stock. Earlier in the week we made Hot Buttered Pretzels from the same book. Stressed = Cooking. Jessi wanted hers in the shape of a "J". Of course. They were scrumptious. I loved making the pretzel shapes. I can't wait to make more of these. Of course I am always the one who stares at the Auntie Anne's staff making pretzels in the mall. I could watch them for hours. Okay, not hours - because with a toddler, who has hours anymore to do anything?, but I could still use getting a life.

I found out last week that Jessi will need to be potty-trained by the start of school in the Fall. I have been taking the laid-back, child-led approach since I think that when she is ready she will let me know and it will be done. But the state of Virginia has a different view of things (as opposed to Maryland)... almost any 3 yr old activity, be it ballet camp, summer camp, daycare, preschool, etc. must include a potty-trained 3 yr old. I've always encouraged her to use the potty but sometimes she's interested and sometimes she's not.


Back to Normal?

Now that I have a little distance on the matter I can finally post without mostly expletives. We're moved into house and things are starting to settle down. There are still tons of boxes to go through but our living space is pretty much clear of them now. I will gloss over the minor problems such as:

1. The horrible smell that emanated from the laundry room causing me to buy a new washer (fixed the smell there, but there was still an awful where-is-the-dead-body smell in the basement. Perhaps I'm watching to many Sopranos episodes).

2. I had our buyer broker come down to smell our new house's smells. She diagnosed the smell as cat urine (um, I don't think so). While we were showing her our basement we saw water leaking through the peeling/crumbling drywall and water on the tops of all our boxes in the guest room closet. After a plumber came down to check out the basement leak and said it was an air conditioning problem, I had an air conditioning company come down. They promptly said it was a plumbing issue. I basically had to tell them what the problem was because the guy was clueless (and he was supposed to be here between 10 and 12 and showed up at 3:30). And he left in the middle of the job with no word that he was living. It was the drain pipe on the condensation pump. And did I mention that the condensation pump is not included in the home warranty that we have?

3. So Friday the original plumber that came down on Thursday came back to fix the leaking pipe. So all is better, right? Well, you'd think so but we had no air still. Nada.

4. Saturday a different air conditioning company and discovered that the whole condensation pump was dead and needed to be replaced. So I have holes in the drywall and the leak that had been there for some time according to the plumber and air condition repairman ate through the sheetrock, peeling wall in another place and a soaked carpet and carpet pad. And remember, the condensation pump still isn't covered by the home warranty.

5. The stove door doesn't totally close and the whole unit heats up whenever the oven is on to the point of being extremely hot to the touch (as Jessica and I both found out when getting near it). And to turn the knobs (on which the settings have mostly rubbed off due to the age of the appliance) you need to wear oven mitts so as to not burn your fingers.

6. The microwave and the dishwasher suck. We are getting all new appliances since everything is 15 years old.

7. After getting using the new washer for the first time I put the clothes in the existing dryer and it was on for two cycles of 70 minutes and the clothes were still very damp. How did the previous owners live in this place?

All of this made the mauve tile and linoleum in the entryway and kitchen small potatoes in comparison where it had been our #1 priority before actually moving in.

But it's starting to feel more like home already probably due to the fact that we've been here a little over a week and my longest vacation is pretty close to that amount of time. Pitiful but true. And our neighbors are plentiful and nice. The cul-de-sacs on our road are literally filled with kids - I think I heard there were ~40 kids. Jessi is getting very good at navigating the roads with her Jeep and the kids couldn't be nicer. We still miss being so close to Cindy, Mike, and Marisa and hope to be able to see them soon.

I'm hungering for a LYS and haven't been able to venture out yet. There doesn't appear to be one very close by so it would nice if I owned my own yarn store in the shopping center a mile away. Hmmm, something to think about. The ones I've called locally don't stock Koigu and don't have Berocco Suede in stock... I didn't even ask about Noro Kochoran that I want so I can make Sundby. Now I also want to make a Booga Bag.

I've made some progress on my socks and the baby blanket. I am still having technical difficulties posting pictures. Note to self: buy virus scan for my computer.


Sleepless in the Mid-Atlantic

So I wake up this morning at 4:30 AM and can't go back to sleep. My allergies started to make my nose run so I'm sniffing and sniffing and then realize I should just go downstairs so Mike can sleep peacefully since I am having no luck trying to get back to dreamland. So I have some breakfast - chive cream cheese is the BEST. (I will SO miss my favorite local bagel store.) Then I proceed to clear some of my shows off of Tivo and knit some of my new project to avoid the concentration that finishing requires... the Colinette Vintage Knits Poncho pattern using various non-Colinette yarns. I do want to try one of these kits eventually. They always look so beautiful hanging in my LYS.

I have been bitten by the spider bug and have the crazy urge to knit Charlotte's Web after seeing how Kerstin's turned out and seeing the Charlotte Knit-Along. Plus Koigu looks great but I'll need some help picking the colorways! I'm not going to let myself start this until the baby blanket is done. I will need to repeat this often because I have the need to start things lately. I think it's moving week jitters. But I also love the Alison's Daisy Cardigan from Pipsqueeks and just ordered this pattern book and a few other knitting books with the birthday gift certificate from my Uncle and his wife (Thank you Uncle Rob & Candy). Among the other purchases: Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book, Vogue Knitting Quick Reference, Rowan Junior, Knitting Without Tears, and The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques.

Tomorrow is the last day of packing before the real move! I will be on hiatus from blogging until I get my computer connected to the network at the new place.


Life on the inside

Went to the perinatologist today for my 24 week checkup and everything looks good. The baby weighs 1 lb. 9 oz. which is right on target for the estimated due date. The heart rate is 146 - again very good. I got a few pictures that I'll be uploading soon. They even did the 4-D scan - so very cool. It's looks 3-D to me so I must be missing some dimension.

Another incident report - Jessica bit someone at school today... again. She did it last week too. If her little 2-year old friends don't listen to her the first time when she says, "No, I have it now. It's my turn", she takes law and order into her own hands and bites down on the unsuspecting tot (unless it's her friend, Crystal, who probably doesn't go near Jessi anymore since she's been the most frequent victim). Last week someone tried to cut her in the hand-washing line. Don't get between my girl and hand-washing especially if it has to do with getting ready for snack time (as was the case last week).

I didn't feel like finishing the Classic Cardigan or packing (because we're out of boxes) so I tried my hand at sock knitting today. I love the self-patterning Regia Jacquard Color in Las Vegas. I tried to include a picture of the colorway but the computer didn't want to comply so I'll try again later. The 4 double-pointed needles feel really awkward and I'm afraid to knit next to anyone (the only one around during this attempt was Linky, my nap-time buddy) lest I poke someone's eye out.

I was able to get the water turned on in the new house but for some reason the gas people can't accept same-day orders and will be at the house tomorrow sometime between 7am and 5pm. That's real convenient. Are you kidding? There's no way. Only monopolies can get away with this. Don't even get me started.