25 weeks

Today I'm 25 weeks pregnant and went to the new OB near my new house and I was not impressed. She seemed a little too low-key about my previous pre-term labor. But I will see a perinatologist and hopefully they will be more concerned. I loved my previous OB so this is a particularly hard part of moving. I've been feeling lots of movement, sometimes at inopportune times. Hello, I'm glad you're moving in there but isn't 5:30 a little early? Apparently not. And every time I get a Braxton-Hicks contraction I look at my watch to time the minutes until the next one - I call this Previous Pre-Term Labor Syndrome.

Tomorrow the new appliances are being delivered - YIPEE! I will have a stove that doesn't burn me again. And we're having someone come down to examine the drywall/sheetrock/carpet/carpet pad damage.

I keep looking through my Patternworks catalog and circling things but never placing an order. I've been hard at work on the oatmeal baby blanket whenever I got a chance today.

I made delicious cupcakes and mini-cupcakes from one of my favorite cookbooks, King Arthur Flour's Baker's Companion. I particularly love them because you can always call their baker's hotline if you have any questions. I made the Cinnamon Puffs but added vanilla, cinnamon, mini-chocolate chips, and mini-cinnamon chips to the batter. Yum! Jessica helped to dip the tops in melted butter and then the sugar-cinnamon topping. I love cinnamon so I will add more ground cinnamon next time... it would be even better with Penzey's Extra Fancy Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon, my favorite, but I'm currently out of stock. Earlier in the week we made Hot Buttered Pretzels from the same book. Stressed = Cooking. Jessi wanted hers in the shape of a "J". Of course. They were scrumptious. I loved making the pretzel shapes. I can't wait to make more of these. Of course I am always the one who stares at the Auntie Anne's staff making pretzels in the mall. I could watch them for hours. Okay, not hours - because with a toddler, who has hours anymore to do anything?, but I could still use getting a life.

I found out last week that Jessi will need to be potty-trained by the start of school in the Fall. I have been taking the laid-back, child-led approach since I think that when she is ready she will let me know and it will be done. But the state of Virginia has a different view of things (as opposed to Maryland)... almost any 3 yr old activity, be it ballet camp, summer camp, daycare, preschool, etc. must include a potty-trained 3 yr old. I've always encouraged her to use the potty but sometimes she's interested and sometimes she's not.


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