Back to Normal?

Now that I have a little distance on the matter I can finally post without mostly expletives. We're moved into house and things are starting to settle down. There are still tons of boxes to go through but our living space is pretty much clear of them now. I will gloss over the minor problems such as:

1. The horrible smell that emanated from the laundry room causing me to buy a new washer (fixed the smell there, but there was still an awful where-is-the-dead-body smell in the basement. Perhaps I'm watching to many Sopranos episodes).

2. I had our buyer broker come down to smell our new house's smells. She diagnosed the smell as cat urine (um, I don't think so). While we were showing her our basement we saw water leaking through the peeling/crumbling drywall and water on the tops of all our boxes in the guest room closet. After a plumber came down to check out the basement leak and said it was an air conditioning problem, I had an air conditioning company come down. They promptly said it was a plumbing issue. I basically had to tell them what the problem was because the guy was clueless (and he was supposed to be here between 10 and 12 and showed up at 3:30). And he left in the middle of the job with no word that he was living. It was the drain pipe on the condensation pump. And did I mention that the condensation pump is not included in the home warranty that we have?

3. So Friday the original plumber that came down on Thursday came back to fix the leaking pipe. So all is better, right? Well, you'd think so but we had no air still. Nada.

4. Saturday a different air conditioning company and discovered that the whole condensation pump was dead and needed to be replaced. So I have holes in the drywall and the leak that had been there for some time according to the plumber and air condition repairman ate through the sheetrock, peeling wall in another place and a soaked carpet and carpet pad. And remember, the condensation pump still isn't covered by the home warranty.

5. The stove door doesn't totally close and the whole unit heats up whenever the oven is on to the point of being extremely hot to the touch (as Jessica and I both found out when getting near it). And to turn the knobs (on which the settings have mostly rubbed off due to the age of the appliance) you need to wear oven mitts so as to not burn your fingers.

6. The microwave and the dishwasher suck. We are getting all new appliances since everything is 15 years old.

7. After getting using the new washer for the first time I put the clothes in the existing dryer and it was on for two cycles of 70 minutes and the clothes were still very damp. How did the previous owners live in this place?

All of this made the mauve tile and linoleum in the entryway and kitchen small potatoes in comparison where it had been our #1 priority before actually moving in.

But it's starting to feel more like home already probably due to the fact that we've been here a little over a week and my longest vacation is pretty close to that amount of time. Pitiful but true. And our neighbors are plentiful and nice. The cul-de-sacs on our road are literally filled with kids - I think I heard there were ~40 kids. Jessi is getting very good at navigating the roads with her Jeep and the kids couldn't be nicer. We still miss being so close to Cindy, Mike, and Marisa and hope to be able to see them soon.

I'm hungering for a LYS and haven't been able to venture out yet. There doesn't appear to be one very close by so it would nice if I owned my own yarn store in the shopping center a mile away. Hmmm, something to think about. The ones I've called locally don't stock Koigu and don't have Berocco Suede in stock... I didn't even ask about Noro Kochoran that I want so I can make Sundby. Now I also want to make a Booga Bag.

I've made some progress on my socks and the baby blanket. I am still having technical difficulties posting pictures. Note to self: buy virus scan for my computer.


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