The Future's So Bright I Have To Wear Shades

Okay it's the window that needs shades. For the past 3 weeks in the new house we have felt like we were camping outdoors due to the crappy window coverings on the windows in our bedroom (and Jessica's been waking up much earlier too because of hers in her room). So this past weekend was filled with home improvements and unpacking (mostly on Mike's part). We the all-important room-darkening shades now for our room but still a sliver of sunlight escapes from the shades in the wee hours of the morning and creates a slash across my and Mike's face as we are trying to steal some last minutes of sleep before the alarm goes off. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm already up due to baby #2 either kicking or hiccupping or generally making it more difficult to slumber - but Mike's trying to get some last minutes of sleep. But the new blinds are such a huge improvement (and Mike worked so hard on them - he even decided to skip the local beer festival to get some things done around the house - Mike, are you sure you're feeling okay?).

I got my Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora from Patternworks for my Debbie Bliss Grace Cardigan. I got gauge in stockinette so I started right away. I read bad reviews of this yarn on a Knitter's Review forum search. It sheds and has no memory since it's made of cotton and angora which both have no memory so we'll see how this turns out. So far it's nice and I like the muted pink color.

I want to learn to sew now after seeing Leigh's Rural Messenger Bag (an Amy Butler pattern) and checking out the Amy Butler web site with all the different fabrics. Here's the Rural Messenger Bag on the Amy Butler Site. Aaah, the possibilities.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

... I'm feeling okay, Lis, but I sure would appreciate an electric screwdriver ... we need drapes; I have a strange sun strip on my head this morning. Folks at the office are asking questions.

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