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We're just hanging out watching JoJo's circus after a late night of (me) watching Mike hook up his Father's Day present - Tivo for the bedroom! It's still not working perfectly - the home network part is not showing up yet. But I think we need to wait until tonight to give it time to activate. Tivo is so cool; it's one of my favorite companies. The product does what it's supposed to do and makes my life so much better! I don't even watch much TV (Jessi has most of the Tivo space on our living room Tivo) but it makes me happy to be able to zap commercials or replay a line that I missed (No more of Me: "What did he say"; Mike: "I don't know" or if he does now then we miss the next part while he's telling me what I missed). Now just hit the instant replay button. And Tivo just added the home network option for free so we can hook up to our home network and listen to music and view pictures on our TV.

I started my Sundby last night on my new Denise needles. They are so great. I wish I had bought these earlier so I could have saved some money (well, who am I kidding, just redistributed it to yarn purchases) on the different needle sizes I bought. So now I have a good amount of projects going on. I'm going to try to finish baby #2's classic cardigan because I want to get it DONE already. Same thing for Jessi's sweater (my first sweater attempt) but I haven't learned on how to properly sew on a button yet. Maybe the closer yarn store that I haven't visited will have a nice staff that will help show me how to do this.

I finally decided on what my Mother's Day and birthday presents from Mike/Jessi will be. I've been holding off until there was something that I wanted (yarn related, but I'll get to that) - I thought I'd want gardening things for the new house but I'm in no condition to garden. That would be stupid of me. I could just see going into preterm labor because I just had to get the rosemary planted out front. So I'm forgoing this year's growing season and will start again with seeds this winter. When we moved I even had all the seedlings thrown out (I could not do this myself). I did plant a few plants on the day of our walkthrough and the tomatoes are doing quite well with pretty much no care since I haven't done more than look at them since moving in. I don't think there will be any actual tomatoes since they were planted so late but it's nice to see something grow that I started from seed. So for these past holidays/events I'm going to order the yarn and pattern for Debbie Bliss' Grace cardigan and either material for a Booga Bag or Charlotte's Web... haven't decided. I'm sure if I keep searching the web I will find more patterns I like so I should just stay away from surfing knitting sites but I don't think this will happen. Here are other patterns I also like:

  • Ruffle Edge Cardigan - by Debbie Bliss (Baby Cashmerino)
  • Cabled Jacket by Debbie Bliss (Cashmerino Superchunky)
  • Arla/Vendela by Cornelia Tuttle Hamiton in Noro
  • Bel-Air in Rowan Cotton Plaid
  • Spray from Rowan's Plaid Collection
  • Lush from Rowan's All Season Cotton Collection
  • Joy from Rowan's Cotton Tape Collection (maybe next year)
  • Shells from Rowan's Cotton Tape Collection (also maybe next year)
  • Vanilla from Rowan's Cotton Tweed Collection
  • Hush from Rowan's Calmer Collection
  • Loll from Rowan's Calmer Collection
  • Pagan from Rowan's Calmer Collection
  • Lottie from Rowan's Bigger Picture
  • Candy from Rowan's Big Easy (scroll all the way down to the tote at the end of the page)
  • Lacy Accents Scarf
  • Up-town Tote

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