Life on the inside

Went to the perinatologist today for my 24 week checkup and everything looks good. The baby weighs 1 lb. 9 oz. which is right on target for the estimated due date. The heart rate is 146 - again very good. I got a few pictures that I'll be uploading soon. They even did the 4-D scan - so very cool. It's looks 3-D to me so I must be missing some dimension.

Another incident report - Jessica bit someone at school today... again. She did it last week too. If her little 2-year old friends don't listen to her the first time when she says, "No, I have it now. It's my turn", she takes law and order into her own hands and bites down on the unsuspecting tot (unless it's her friend, Crystal, who probably doesn't go near Jessi anymore since she's been the most frequent victim). Last week someone tried to cut her in the hand-washing line. Don't get between my girl and hand-washing especially if it has to do with getting ready for snack time (as was the case last week).

I didn't feel like finishing the Classic Cardigan or packing (because we're out of boxes) so I tried my hand at sock knitting today. I love the self-patterning Regia Jacquard Color in Las Vegas. I tried to include a picture of the colorway but the computer didn't want to comply so I'll try again later. The 4 double-pointed needles feel really awkward and I'm afraid to knit next to anyone (the only one around during this attempt was Linky, my nap-time buddy) lest I poke someone's eye out.

I was able to get the water turned on in the new house but for some reason the gas people can't accept same-day orders and will be at the house tomorrow sometime between 7am and 5pm. That's real convenient. Are you kidding? There's no way. Only monopolies can get away with this. Don't even get me started.


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