Sprung a leak - again.

When the repairmen came to fix the drywall/sheetrock/carpet/carpet pad issues they found another leak (or the first one wasn't done right) so they had to go get material and are coming back to do the work tomorrow. Will this ever stop? So Father's Day activities won't be happening as planned since we will be stuck in the house waiting for repairment to come and then to finish. And who knows how long it will take.

In all of this crappy news there is good news too (gotta have some balance), Mike replaced all of the ugly knobs in the kitchen with beautiful stainless steel knobs and it makes a huge difference! I love it. And this morning we picked out (and agreed on - yes, that means we both like it, unlike the couches/bookcases/dining room table from 6 years ago) a color we like for the floor in the entryway and kitchen area (buh-bye 80's mauve tile and icky linoleum - I'm sure you were in style at some point but not right now).

I went to Hunt Country Yarns for a visit and didn't like it as much as Woolwinders but I did make a purchase. I went to buy some circular needles for some new projects (US 9, 10, 10 1/2) and instead came home with Denise interchangeables and I've started knitting the Oakley shawl with it and I really like them! They aren't as warm as Crystal Palace or slick as Addi Turbos but they are so versatile (Mike said they looked something MacGyver would use) and I love gadgets!


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