Yarn Acquisition Time

Today has been a temper-tantrum filled day. The joys of the terrible 2's, which really last from age 1 until 4 for those of you that are uninitiated parents or are too far removed from your parenting young children days. And most of the appliances still are not in and will not be delivered today. But the dishwasher is here - maybe I can do the laundry in there... anyone tried that before? And I did get an estimate on the drywall/sheetrock/carpet/carpet pad fixing. But alas, the crying and screaming and kicking and hitting me got to me and I had to buy some yarn.

I placed an order Woolwinders for 5 balls of Suede in Wild Bill (# 3717) for a cool shawl and 5 skeins of Noro Kochoran #31 (thank you Jacqui for not laughing at my mispronunciation of this yarn) for Sundby. She won't be getting Koigu in until September. I will need to get some before then because I'm sure I will want to start Charlotte's Web (bad case of startitis going on over here) but from what I hear it's an addictive yarn so I will go and check out the stock in September (Cindy - up for a field trip and day activities for the kids?). And Jacqui had all of this in stock and is shipping it right out! She is the best.


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