3rd and 4th times are the charm

I finally have my VA license.  I went early this morning and had it in hand at 12:20pm.  I had to go back home to get some more documentation but it's done and if I never have to go back there again it will be too soon.  Of course I will need to be back there within the next 30 days to get my VA tags but only after the emissions test and a state inspection.  If 3 hours and 15 minutes at the DMV aren't enough to inspire the necessity for goverment reform in someone, I don't know what will.  I brought my Crazy Stripes sock with me to knit and made some nice progress on it.

Charlotte update:  I finished row 42 last night.  I keep messing up in at least one lace pattern on each row.  I'm somehow ending up with 7 stitches instead of the 8 needed for the pattern so I'm fudging it.  I should be more anal but I'm not feeling up to it lately.  So I will start on row 43 only using color #2.  It's looking nice.  I have a feeling that it will take a loong time and much concentration to just finish a row when I get near to the middle and the end where there are 150+ stitches.  Am I the only one that is happy when I get to an even row where I can purl the whole thing.  At least that is hard to mess up.


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