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My book consumption has seriously declined since beginning knitting.  I only have so much time... but I have been reading knitting blogs.  I usually have been reading some daily favorites but I just started yesterday reading a blog from the beginning to the end.  I figure it's like reading a book with just some practical experience thrown in.  I'm starting with Kerstin's At My Knit's End and I'm on May 2003

Yesterday was my sewing class and after sewing the wrong sides together I was able to get back on track and finish my garment.  I still love the fabric but I don't like how the shirt fits in the armholes and it's so long that it could pass for a cute short dress.  So I will have to wear a tank under it so as to not offend anyone.  I did learn how to do darts (which normally isn't covered in the class, and also to put in edging tape (is that what you call it?  I have to check the package to see what it's really called) along the armholes and neckline. 

And, surprise, I bought a sewing machine today at the store!  I purchased a Bernina Activa 125S.  It's the same machine we used in class and the store was having a sale on all machines.  The one I bought was a newer 125S than the ones in the class and this one apparently has a needle threader.  With my purchase I get to attend a free 3 hour class on "Getting to Know My Machine" in late August.  Hopefully I will be able to make it (read: will still be pregnant).  I also perused the patterns and found a good pattern for pants for Jessica.  It seems a good place to start and it didn't look like there were too many complicated things.  Although I have no idea how to put in elastic.  It can't be that hard, can it?  The library just emailed to say that my Reader's Digest sewing book that I put on hold is in so I will try to go pick it up tomorrow.  A good reference book to the rescue!  

Last night I took a Benedryl before we put Jessi to bed and then immediately after we put her to bed I went to sleep... for about an hour... and then I was wide awake.  Luckily Mike was finishing up some laundry and trying to find some ESPN footage online (to put on his new Palm - it was big personal purchase week at our household) and so he was wide awake too. 

This is the last weekend day before the influx of bday party weekend guests so what's on the agenda?  Garage storage, carpet pad replacement for the leaky basement area, hanging up pictures (mostly of family) so it looks like people live in this house.


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Congrats on the new machine! My mom has a Bernina too. Do you read suppereggplant's blog (http://www.supereggplant.com/)? She posted a 101 about sewing little tote bags here http://www.supereggplant.com/archives/000216.html. There's also a cute pattern here http://home.pacbell.net/kapleo/blog/domesticspherepatterns.html
(all the way at the bottom) for some baby/toddler pants.

I have also read many blogs from beginning to end and have learned so much! Kerstin's is great, isn't it?


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