I went to the DMV with the intentions of getting a new driver's license since we're new to the state but apparently I didn't have proper identification with me even though I brought my other-state-issued driver's license, W-2 (for SSN), current bank statement with my new address. But of course I should have brought my passport or birth certificate. If I could only find those documents I'd be set. I had been prepared for a looong wait and brought 2 knitting projects with me (the tank that I named the Summer Sorbet Tank for Jessi and my crazy striped socks). Get this, I was actually looking forward going to wait at the DMV so that I could knit. But alas, no knitting until now - nap time. I just finished ripping out the straps of the tank top after slipping it over Jessi's head this morning to find that the straps were waaay wider than her shoulders so I needed to bind off a few more stitches on each side. And while I was at it I made the straps 7 stitches wide instead of the 5 I had done the first time around. I'm happy with it so far - the wider strap looks nicer. Let's hope it fits this time. I completed the first strap but still have the second one to do. And then it's off to lay down because today is... dah dah dah dah - 29 1/2 weeks. For those of you keeping track that's when I went into pre-term labor with Jessi (whoa, I just got a contraction while writing that - don't worry Mom, I'm okay). Mike and I were afraid to mention it to each other this morning but you could tell we were both thinking about it. So far so good, but I'm not going to say anything to jinx it.

After the useless trip to the DMV I went to Michael's and decided I needed to get some potty-training rewards. I got a bunch of things, mostly arts and crafts related and wrapped them in tissue paper so Jessi can have a grab-bag of surprises from which to choose. After nap time I think we will have some Dora and Blue's Clues POTTY TIME. Yes I will park a pull-up-less Jessi and the potty in front of the TV and hope for the best. Wish me luck!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a bummer about the DVM! How frustrating. I understand what you mean about not minding having to wait when you have knitting with you. Now that I knit my waiting time seems to have drastically decreased...maybe it's just time flying, eh? Good luck with the potty training! Best wishes on the remaining days of your pregnancy too! Drink that water. :)


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Blogger Lisa said...

Susan, You can find the pattern from Fibertrends here but I don't think you can buy it online at their site. They can help you find a retail store that has it. http://www.fibertrends.com/viewer/patterns/AC44.html

I didn't buy enough yarn so I only made one small strap instead of what the pattern called for (or even two of the same size as I would have preferred if I was going to deviate from the pattern - maybe next time I'll read the yardage requirements more carefully!!).

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