Feeling a bit like Tweek

Happy Birthday Mom!!  57 years ago the world was given the gift of...you!  And I'm so lucky to have you as my mom.  Can't wait to see you on Thursday.

Yesterday was pretty much a no knitting day.  I was feeling lousy most of the time with allergies and tried to spend the day in bed.  At about 5, though, I started having contractions that were 5-7 minutes apart... and had cramps in the lower abdomen accompanied by chills, so I called my doctor and it was off to the hospital again.  When I got there the contractions slowed so Mike, Jessi, and I were talking of a leisurely jaunt over to Clyde's for dinner.  Then the nurses did a culture and cervical check (everything in there was fine).  After they did this the contractions started up and were pretty continuous and regular for an hour so they hooked me up to IV to give me fluids (but not before making a pin cushion out of my left hand/wrist and then ultimately deciding to put the IV in my right hand).   The contractions still didn't slow so I had to get a shot of terbutaline in my leg, followed by another shot of terbutaline in my arm, followed by a terbutaline pill.  The ominous mag sulfate was mentioned if the contractions didn't respond and Mike and I gave each other a deer-in-car-headlights-look.  This might be a long night.  The good news was that I responded perfectly to the terbutaline.  The contractions completely stopped.  After the IV was in and Mike and Jessi went to get something to eat I picked up some knitting (my crazy stripes socks) and did only a few rounds before the terb kicked in and I was feeling like Tweek from South Park and I couldn't do any more.  This stuff makes you really jumpy and twitchy.  And I still feel this way this morning.  In fact, after getting released at 11:15 pm we drove home and got Jessi into bed and even though I was dead tired, I couldn't fall asleep because of the effects of the medicine.  I was supposed to take another terb pill at 1:15 but had fallen asleep.  And now I'm up early still feeling twitchy so I'm in my office (read: closet) blogging and then will be knitting Grace.  So the hospital diagnosis as to why I was getting the contractions in the first place and the chills was - a UTI, I had no idea (no symptoms at all to speak of).  At the hospital they gave me a dose of antibiotics and I have to go to the doctor's today to get a prescription for it.

Saturday night I ripped Grace back all the necessary rows to erase the cabling error and it's looking beautiful again.


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Oh, dear! Sorry to hear about the UTI and visit to the hospital! Hang in there! Did they tell you to drink cranberry juice? Probably did. Hope your feeling better now.


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