I finished my first felting project. I used Lamb's Pride Worsted in Ruby Red and used Berroco Sizzle in color 1717 (Jessi requested something with red AND purple because those are our favorite colors; her - red; me - purple and low and behold I found some at the yarn store. It was fate). I only bought one skein of Lamb's Pride and was supposed to have bought 2 to follow the intended pattern (Fiber Trend's small Party Purses) so I had to modify. This is the before picture and I'm still waiting for the felted purse to dry. I had to run it through the washing machine agitation cycle 3 times and it's still not as small as I wanted it but it's good enough. And next time I'll know not to start the cycles at 11:15 at night! Y-A-W-N!


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Oooo, how cute! Can't wait to see how it felted! I have 3 felt projects waiting their turn to get in the washer. I'll have to look for that pattern you used cause my little girls would like! My almost-five-year old's favorite color is purple.


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