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I've put the Fiesta Tea Party on temporary hold (I need to get another color to match the summer sorbet colors I already have).  I've been working mainly on the back of Grace.  I stopped last night on Grace after I discovered an error in one of the cables.  I was adamant about not going back and ripping.  But this morning I am convinced that I should rip back 12+ rows and do it right.  If I'm spending so much time knitting this (even though I consider it a quick knit since it is on US 8s) and I can notice it, I might as well fix it.  Although the errors I have on almost every odd numbered row on Charlotte are getting fudged and I'm losing no sleep over it.  It still looks beautiful (to me).  I'm up to row 52 and I'm in love with Koigu KPPPM.  I'm wondering if Kersti is like this too.  If so I will need to buy some and make something for myself with it.

I'm reconsidering what to do with my Rowan Felted Tweed Vest that's on hold.  Should I rip and use the yarn for something else?  I like Elfin but I'd need to find more balls of yarn from the same dye lot.  How hard is this to do?  Decision, decision.

Last weekend I knitted up another booties using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and this time it was too big.  I'll post pictures tomorrow.  Apparently I need a lesson in adapting gauge.  It might have been good to do this before I made a cardigan for myself.

Our cable modem was out yesterday in the area so the blogging I was hoping to get in during my preschool break didn't happen, instead I was on hold with the cable company.  When everything was up and working again I could only muster the energy (and the time) to post pictures.  It's better than nothing. 

Today I woke up early and was hoping for some time before everyone woke up to knit and blog but Jessi was up just as early and came in as I was turning on my computer.  I'm trying to distract her and buy myself some time.  I suggested taking off her Pull-up and going potty.   Not alluring enough for the toddler.  But picking out the day's clothes did the trick.  I made some additional suggestions to help with the matching of the shirt and top but Jessi wanted none of that.  So she won't match today.  The girl has her own sense of style, I tell ya.   We've already had breakfast now and we're onto Wiggles therapy.

I'm getting excited for my mom's visit this week.  She's coming in on Thursday and is staying until Sunday night.  Yeah!!   Hopefully I'll have a cool new maternity shirt to show her from my second (and last) beginner's sewing class.


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