My favorite LYS

I had to drop some party paper goods and decorations off where Jessi's party will be. And I didn't mind making the trek across the river to MD. Guess why? My favorite LYS, Woolwinders, is 5 minutes away! And Jacqui, the owner, was there. She is the one who started it all - she taught me how to knit. I haven't been there since the week before I moved to buy the yarn for the Regia crazy stripes sock (June 5, not that I'm keeping track). I had much fun fondling the yarn today! She had almost all of the books that I wanted (Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Noro #2, Debbie Bliss The Cashmere Collection, Rowan #35, and 1000 Sweaters). The only book that I still really want to get is The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns.

Oh, and I brought the DB Classic Cardigan for baby #2 that I have on hold from my disastrous seam ripping incident and Jacqui said she knew someone who could fix it! She is wonderful, isn't she? Always encouraging and inspirational with patterns and samples around the store. And she blogs almost every day with store happenings and yarn shipments so I can feel like I'm right around the corner. And I can order right away when I see something that I must have!

I will have to go back at the end of August or sometime in September to scope out the yarn for some of my favorites: Audrey (Rowan #35), Shawl Collar Cardigan, Ruffle Egde Cardigan (which I like better than Rowan's Elfin; Rowan's Felted Tweed got caught on every dry crack in my hands/fingers ) both from DB The Cashmere Collection, and Klaralund (CTH's Noro #2). Of course my future knitting projects seem to change every month because I see something new that catches my eye. These are the future projects du jour. I don't know what I am thinking with this many adult sweaters on my future knitting since realistically I know that there will be little time for knitting with a newborn. I can be in denial if I want to though. And right now I am. And I'm happy.

Currently, I'm also tired. Last night I was able to get a total of probably 4 hours of non-consecutive sleep. It seems that 3 year old bad dream struck. And what does she dream of? The poor thing dreams that the dog is in her room eating her dolls. She was sitting up in bed screaming and pointing at one of the dolls on her floor (damn that Barney doll!) thinking it's the dog. Why would she think this? Because that's what our dog DOES! She goes into her room (during the day) and eats the plastic hands and fingers of her dolls. She used to do this to the Fisher Price Little People (which I hear is a favorite among the canine species, not just a unique craving to our dear Linky) and now has moved on to bigger things. This night waking occurred 3 separate times. And each time I was unable to get back to sleep in a timely manner due to baby kicks, baby hiccups, and baby extremities jabbed in my left rib. On the 3rd time we succumbed and heralded the little one into our bed so we could get *some* sleep. So where did I end up 45 minutes later after not being able to sleep (because she likes to sleep suctioned to me)? On the floor. Not exactly comfortable. But I took my pregnancy body pillow (or the thing we refer to as "the other person in our bed" - it always looks like there's a body there when it's under the covers - something that took us quite a long time to get used to) and the comforter from Jessi's room and laid on the floor right next to my bed in case she woke up and starting screaming because Mommy was gone. I'd be able to react sooner if I was right there rather than jumping into her bed. My only worry was that Mike would need to go to the restroom in the middle of the night and step on me. But, to my relief, this worry was unfounded.


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