My first sock is DONE! I'm so excited. I've already cast on for the second one and tried to match up the yarn as best as I could. I think it'll still be a little off though. But I love the way this fits. It's perfect for my foot! And double-pointed needles don't scare me anymore. I think that the 2x2 rib is too loose for my preference so I will wither do a 1x1 rib or use the same size needles as the rest of the sock (the pattern I had uses US 3s for the first 3 1/2 or so inches then switches to US 2s for the rest of the sock). There will definitely be more knitted socks in my future. They are the ultimate on-the-go project.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your sock! I have found that 1x1 rib is even looser than 2x2. Why not try a 3x1 rib - if you like it to be more clingy, that should help! Keep up the excellent work. Sheryl (imahp1@insightbb.com)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kudos on your first sock! Looks great! I just cast on for my second pair last night. They are such fun to knit!


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