Sew good.

I signed up for a beginner's sewing class so I can learn the skills needed to make this and this, and especially this. Of course, I have no sewing machine with which to make these things but that's what anniversaries and the winter holidays are for, no? A little gift from myself (or maybe even my dh)?

The class I am taking is express version of the full class - 2 long weekend days instead of 6 short weekday nights. We'll be completing two projects by the end of class: the first day we'll be making a tote bag and the second class will be a sleeveless shirt (there were a bunch of pattern options listed but I couldn't find any of them on the web to take a look at). I don't think the instructor is planning on a very pregnant person such as myself to take this class (the patterns options include no maternity patterns). I don't want to make something that won't even fit. So I'll try to call to see if there's another project to make or a different sleeveless top pattern to make.

On a knitting note, I finished the first saucer yesterday for the first teacup in the same magenta color as is in the Summer Sorbet tank (my tea party with be a Summer Sorbet Tea Party from the leftovers that I still have and I will need to find some more colors that go with this so that it's not only 3 colors). I'm so excited that I am starting to have my own knitting stash. I love seeing the yarn in my closet when I go in there to do early morning knitting/blogging/surfing.

I didn't get much knitting done yesterday but spent tons of time at the pool. I started on the tea party Creamer at night and I have to say that the I-cord horizontal stripe was such a pain!! It took forever to do. I'm glad I have 12 rounds of knit stitches that I will do while waiting at my doctors appointment today.


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