Some Saving Grace

I still have no VA license. And I'm not going to try again any time soon. The lady at the DMV was extremely rude and I brought my valid passport, my MD driver's license, a current bank statement with my new address, my Social Security card, and my marriage license. The problem: my marriage license was not an original. Well, I think only the state of Florida has the original so I can't receive my license here until I can get either an original or a certified copy of an original. Why is this so difficult?

Today I'll be waiting at home for most of the morning for Stanley Steemer to come and perform water extraction on the carpeted area underneath the near-ending leak in the basement. So maybe we'll have another round of potty time with TV, board games, and reading, oh my!

But check out Grace after I finished the first 12-row cable pattern. Love it!

I love this Giranimals Jacket that Alison made for her boys - I will have to do for my little-boy-to-be and maybe even for Jessi since I think she would think this was an incredibly cute and silly jacket.


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