Crazy Stripes are finished

I love my Regia Socks in self-striping Las Vegas. I can't wait until it's cool enough to wear them. They are almost identical until you get to the toe area. I guess I knit one tighter than the other. I used the basic sock pattern from the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd. Mike loves these and thinks they are so funky. He wants a pair of handmade socks now too. I have a pair planned for Jessi too (with the yarn leftover from my these socks so we can have matching socks - she's still of the age where she will think this is the coolest thing in the whole world.

On Thursday I visited a local yarn shop in Vienna that I just adore called Uniquities. They have similar stock to what I am used to at Woolwinders. It's far enough away so that it's not so easy to buy new yarn every day but close enough to go and touch some excellent yarns. They carry a very limited selection of Koigu (there were only 8 hanks there of KPPPM and no plans to carry Kersti), Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Noro, Crystal Palace, Classic Elite, Mission Falls, Lorna's Laces, Jaeger, Schaefer, and many novelty yarns, as well as FiberTrends patterns (and many others) and a great selection of books. I promise to take pictures of my stash enhancements and post them in the upcoming week. The owner was very helpful and knowledgeable in a low-key way and she helped me make yarn substitutions for a pattern that I had in mind for Jessica.

I realize that way too many cardigans appeal to me and I tend to put them on hold after I have them sewn up because of the buttons so I need to start choosing more sweaters. So the next pick for Jessica will be a sweater. And my goal for the next 2 weeks is to sew on the buttons to the 2 projects that are on hold for the little one because I'm tired of seeing them on my WIP list.

The Debbie Bliss Grace Cardigan needle changing has finally gotten to me and I didn't pick it up yesterday and instead opted for Sundby. I finished the back last night and cast on for the front. We are heading up to where we used to live this morning to go check out our favorite baby/kids gear store, Great Beginnings that we found while reading Baby Bargains, so I will have at least 1.5 hours of knitting time while we drive there and back (oh, and did I mention that we are going to stop by Woolwinders to see what colors came in a recent shipment in Cashmerino Aran and Baby Cashmerino? I should just hide my credit cards.). The staff at Great Beginnings is so informed and they tell you honestly the best and worst features of everything you would want for a new baby. It's so refreshing to shop here after going to Babies R Us or any other mega-mart and getting no help.

Today's Mission: finding a double stroller that's a good fit for us. I'm thinking that for right now I'm not even going to look for a double jogging stroller. We have a single Baby Jogger and it's great. Is it unrealistic to think that I can get away with this and jog only while Jessi is in preschool or while Mike is home with Jessi on the weekends? Yes, I am probably delusional. But since I can't use a jogger until the baby is a little older I'll wait to see what I want then. Besides these double strollers are so expensive.

Side Mission #1: checking out bedding so Mike can make a final choice on what he likes for the nursery. He doesn't want to reuse our Classic Pooh one (which I think is just fine) but this is one battle I'm choosing not to fight. It's room decor, it's not life or death. So he can pick this one (I got the final and really the only say on Jessi's decor). I'm glad he isn't insisting on a NY Yankees theme only because I think I'd get vertigo walking into a room full of pinstripes 20 times a day. But if it was just solid paint then I'd be okay with it. I think he will have to wait until our son is older since I haven't seen any crib bedding with this theme.

Side Mission #2: finding a sling for me to carry around the baby in. We have the Baby Bjorn but Jessica never liked it and always wanted to be carried like velcro to me (she still would if the OB hadn't told to not lift my daughter since becoming pregnant). I'm hoping that having a sling in my arsenal will give me one more option in case this one doesn't like the Bjorn.

A big Thank You to Donna for suggesting to sew a ribbon in the back of the pants to tell the front from the back on Jessi's pants (and any future pants projects).


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