Found a hank of Kochoran

My former LYS had a hank of Noro Kochoran in Color 31, Lot C for me to finish my second sleeve of Sundby (I have to buy a whole hank, and it ain't cheap, just to finish the last inch of the sleeve - UGGGHH!). Now it's just a matter of finding the time to go and pick it up since it's not right around the corner anymore.

I finished reading The Shop on Blossom Street - what a quick read. Scattered among the book were quotes about knitting from prominent figures in the knitting world (Nancie M. Wiseman - author of The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques, Bev Galeskas, Sally Melville, Meg Swansen) and that was enjoyable to see. There is also a baby blanket pattern that was designed by Ann Norling especially for the book called Baby Blocks that is pictured here. This is the pattern that the fictional characters knit in the beginner's knitting class that they sign up for at A Good Yarn.

I received The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns yesterday and learned so much about basic sweater classification. I never knew the different types (set-in sleeve, raglan, etc.) of sweaters and now feel much more knowledgable (although there's still alot to learn); there was even a section about altering a pattern to add some waist shaping to a a basic boxy to make it more fitted which is just what I was looking for. I especially like the detailed schematics included. I think between this book and 1000 Sweaters (which doesn't have schematics), I will have more than my share of sweaters that I want to knit. I feel like I should carry these 2 books with me whenever I go to the yarn store (or online) to buy some yarn. I think the book that would complete this must-have sweater design set is Knitting on the Edge so that you could spice up the sleeves or body edge with a design of your choosing. I don't have it yet and Amazon has it at full price so there's no use in ordering it online at this point.

I knit up a swatch to check gauge on the Lacy Sweater and I was able to get the stiches per inch required but not the rows on the suggested US 6, so do I knit on and adjust as necessary? I guess so.

I went through my drawers and found some jewelry that I made from 2001. So stay tuned for pictures in the coming week.


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That's a bummer you have to buy the whole hank, but at least you'll be able to finish, eh? I have Ann Budd's new book on my "to-buy" list. I have her first handy book of patterns and have used it a lot.


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