Go check out who was 3 today and was pictured on the Woolwinders blog. And, yep, that cutie patootie ladybug hat on her head was knit by none other than the magnificent Jacqui that I was praising in my previous post! She stopped by the little gym party to drop this off. Jessi loves it and it's knit in her favorite color - RED!

This is a very fuzzy picture of the too-big-baby-booty. I'm very tired, so I will try to blog more completely when all of the extended birthday weekend festivities have ended. There will be many cute pictures of the birthday girl, as well as a Finished Object, and recent acquisitions (for sewing projects - thank you Mom) in the upcoming week!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Jessi!!! Cute photo of her with her ladybug hat on the Woolwinders blog! Red is best! :)


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