I tried to get gauge on Klaralund using bamboo circular US 8s (in the bottom part of the picture) and bamboo straight US 9s (the top part of the picture. The recommended gauge is 16 st/22 rows = 4"/10cm using 8s. When I used 8s I got 18 sts/26 rows; using 9s I got 16 1/2 sts/22 rows. Pretty close, but not quite. I will try using some Addi 9s if I can get to a yarn store in the next week and borrow theirs to see if will work before purchasing since I don't already have this as part of my knitting tool stash. Trying to get gauge using Addis (or other kind of needle was Froggy's idea - Thank you Froggy!!) I do have some aluminum straights that my mom sent up to me in a package from when she went yard sale-ing and picked up a bunch of knitting needles (mostly aluminum) from someone getting rid of them. I will try US 9s before going to the store since I don't think I will be able to get there today. I need to drop Mike off at the car dealership to get his car looked and it's the opposite way from the LYS.


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