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I've been Tivo-ing Knitty Gritty on DIY and I really enjoy this show. The other day the show's subject was intarsia http://www.diynet.com/diy/shows_dkng/episode/0,2046,DIY_18180_32901,00.html and I finally learned how to pronounce it and think I learned how to do it too - I want to practice on a test swatch just to make sure. It was hard for me to imagine how to do it from seeing illustrations in the book but on TV I saw it in action. What a difference. I've also Tivo-ed Knit One, Purl Two but I like Knitty Gritty's guest better and the "knitty cam" too. Some of the projects are not suited for me (guitar strap) but I like the topics: kids knitting, knitting on the edge, felting, etc.

I found an error in the DB Cotton Angora Grace pattern for the sleeve (although there is no record of this or any other error in this pattern on the Debbie Bliss erratum site). There is no place where they start the cabling on the area of the sleeve that has 8 knit stitches. On the back and fronts this is where you'd do a staghorn-type cable (I think that's what it's called) but in the 4-row repeat of the sleeve it only says to knit 8. And you know and I know that this will not have a cable at all if you knit 8 on both of the right side rows and purl on both of the wrong side rows in the pattern. So I've inserted a C4B and C4F in place of where the k8 is on the 3rd row of the pattern. It looks good so far and I've done about 7 total inches of sleeve (4 inches of ribbing and 3 inches of cable pattern repeats).

Let's turn now to food cravings. With my first pregnancy I craved Pho. Lots of Pho. So much Pho that my co-workers would ask me where we were going for lunch and preface it with, "We are not doing Pho more than once this week so don't even think about it." Normally I'm not a big meat eater so this was surprising to me. During this pregnancy I have been craving Shrimp Tempura Sushi Rolls (cooked) with avocado (although this isn't abnormal as I usually love this but now I feel I *must* have it as opposed to, "Oh I think I'd *like* to have that"!). Palak Paneer is also on my list. I have never made this at home but I was watching an old episode of Food 911 and his recipe for Saag Paneer (which seems about the same) looked delicious. I added a new food to my diet this time around which I had never had before: edamame. I love this stuff!! I am now craving this too - and it's not cheap for the amount you get at restaurants or even at Wegman's. Another reason it's expensive for the amount I get to consume, is that I have to compete with Jessica for this. She eats as much as I do and she does it quickly. And if she sees me eating alot she starts telling me not to eat it all up and to save some for her (as she is dutifully stuffing her cheeks full of the little legumes). She is hysterical.


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