Linen Drape ideas?

I recently subscribed to Rowan and with my purchase I received 4 balls of Linen Drape (2 different colors) and a pattern for a placemat. Does anyone know what else I can do with this amount/type of yarn other than this? I did a little searching and didn't find anything appealing. Maybe more searching is in order.

I keep walking by the counter where I have my knitted Fiesta teacup and creamer and they are looking very droopy. Is this what acrylic yarn does? It looks awful. I just knew I should have bought the yarn recommended in the pattern. But whenever I pick up cotton in this one particular store the lady dissuades me. I must be stronger and hold onto that cotton!

I completed the first sewing project attempted in my own home (i.e., not under the guidance of a knowledgeable professional). Thank goodness for the seam ripper. I used the seam ripper 3 separate times. And these are for tres facile (very easy) children's pants. I have almost no confidence in my sewing abilities at the moment despite having a garment that does, now, look like a pair of pants. One look inside and you can tell they are homemade rather than handmade. But it's the first real project, right? I consulted my Sewing for Dummies book twice as well. I think this pattern will be a snap to do the second time. But first I will need to see if the pants fit Jessi. I wish I bought a more lively fabric because then at least I would have something unique. Instead I have a pair of solid raspberry pants. Ho-hum. But the fabric was on the cheapy table and was less than $2. So I shouldn't complain.

I joined the Bootie along and the Klaralund along. I finished another bootie tonight knit using the same pattern as before (Simple Knits for Cherished Babies) but with Lang Golf in 0017 - a pale green color. Golf is distributed by Berocco and is a 100% combed and mercerized cotton. This is the first time I am knitting with cotton. Not sure if it's cotton in general or this particular yarn but it's pretty splitty. This set of booties will be for one of the two college friends that we have that are due next month, both of whom don't know what gender they are having. The other color I have is... you guessed it, yellow. Gender neutral but still cute.


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I have no clue about the Linen Drape since I've never used it before. All the sewing patterns that you've posted photos of below look adorable!


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