Since I didn't have time to blog my goings-on earlier today but wanted to assure everyone that all is well, I figured I'd post some pictures of the part of the house I can call my own. It's a little alcove that will eventually hold a respectable table so that I have enough room for me to groove. But right now it has a 25+ year old desk and hutch that was my husband's furniture growing up. Works like a charm, though. To the left of the alcove, not pictured, is the closet that's ALL MINE. In it? Yarn, beads, polymer clay, scrapbooking supplies, paints, and all of my other crafty things. Delightful. :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being someone who loves to sew and knows the value of a space of ones own, way to go!!! Glad to see you are making it work and making your tools available to the stray whim!

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