So I'm going to sew myself an apron. I'm always getting splatter of tomato sauce on my shirts and it occured to me, "Why don't I wear an apron?" Instead of going to the store and picking one out in say, 5 minutes, I decided to spend a week finding a pattern, picking out fabric, and sewing the thing myself. So here's the fabric I've chosen. The patterned fabric is aptly named Farmers Market. I love going to farmer's markets so I couldn't resist. I miss having my own fruit and veggie bounty like last summer (due to the move right after the prime planting time) so I this is this year's harvest bounty!! The solid purple is the accent fabric chosen for the 2 pockets.


Blogger Lynette said...

How exciting! I wish I knew how to sew! One day......

11:25 AM  

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