Fall 2004 *Knitty* - Zig Zag Along

Go and check out the latest edition of Knitty. I think this is the best issue ever because I seriously want to knit four things from it already!! Cozy is a beautiful lace wrap that looks as cozy as it's name suggests. Clapotis is a parallelogram drop-stitch scarf in a great looking yarn. I've always wanted to try a drop-stitch on something and this yarn and pattern makes me want do it now!

Also like the Blaze sweater in either the green or blue... won't want to wear a body-hugging sweater this Fall but next Fall, watch out!

Zig Zag is my must-have sweater for Fall. For those of you following along this won't be this Fall that's for sure with a toddler and a newborn but maybe start this Fall finish next Fall (hahhaha)!! I just love it and it's similar to Scamp that I want to knit for the kids - I guess I'm into the zig zags and texture. I'll have to check out the colors available in the suggested yarn (and the yarn for the wool substitute and others).

I feel a Zig-Zag-along coming on. Anyone in? I'll need something to replace "me knitting" after I finish seaming up Klaralund. Right now all my other multiple WIPs are for my loved ones! I've started a Yahoo group for the knitalong at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ZigZagAlong. Hopefully I have the settings correct. If anyone has problems feel free to email me at lisamichellecohen [at] yahoo [.] com. This will be my first time hosting a knitalong so let's get the party started! I have no idea what yarn I will use for it so when you join let me (and the others) know your thoughts on any substitutions you'd suggest and what you'll be using. I'll try to make a button and post it. If it comes out crappy then I'll probably solicit some help!

Thank you Knitty for keeping me busy for the next few seasons!! And thank goodness a) I can *sit* without jumping in too much pain (not all gone but doing much better) and b)my toddler finally took her first nap after the birth of the baby (that's a whole week without naps). I think she was afraid of missing something although I assured her that all I would be doing is napping too. Seeing that I already napped and then I typed most of this blog entry with one hand while nursing (impressed myself here), I'm off to look at yarn.

I won't be posting too much over the weekend because we have our son's bris and grandparents in from out of town but I'll be checking email here and there. Have a great weekend everyone.


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I love your blog! And I agree that Zig Zag is a must have (although Clapotis is probably a better bet to finish). Congratulations on the arrival of Ryan!


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