Here's a picture of Ryan with yarn for his Imp sweater in the smallest size (2-3) which I'm in no rush to make since he's now 3 weeks old. Took him to the doctor today after he's been acting crankier than usual for the past 2-3 days and throwing up much and the doctors suspect reflux so we're trying different medicines to see if they work. I hope I get more sleep tonight than the last 2 nights. Y-A-W-N!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's so sweet!
If it is reflux, try getting him to sleep a little propped up instead of flat on his back. It helped a bit for Emily, who was the crankiest baby I ever met ;), and who suffered reflux until she was 10 months old.
I used to put a little pillow under the top of the mattress so her upper torso was up a little higher than her lower torso. Am I making *any* sense?
Sending wishes for good sleep

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Blogger abby said...

Amanda is still on reflux medication. We started on Zantac and the results only lasted a couple of days (which is good b/c she hated the taste). She has been on Prilosec for about 9 months and she's doing great. The only downfall is that it has to be compounded so there are only a few select pharmacies that can do it. Hopefully we'll be weaning her off of it at about a year old. Good luck getting thru the different meds.

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