Just a quick photo instead of a real blog entry today. Ryan and Jessi doing Tummy Time together. Jessi is adjusting so well to life as a big sister. I am so happy and relieved. In summer review: my goal of getting Jessi potty trained has been successful. YIPPEE! I didn't think it was going to work but it has!! She'll be starting her new preschool soon and she'll be ready now! For any people out there going through potty training let me just say that you should skip the Pull-ups. They don't work (the caveat is that we do use them for nap and night time). Pull-ups are just diapers that you can pull on and off. If Jessi is wearing a pull-up she knows that she can make pee-pee in it and that it won't feel wet because it's very absorbent - like a diaper. Just go straight to putting the little ones in big-girl or big-boy underwear and expect a many messes for a contained period of time. With Jessica is was a power struggle... she wanted the attention of cleaning her up so I eliminated that and made her clean up after herself (within reason - like I made sure there wasn't pee all over the floor, but I made her take off her wet clothes, put them in the laundry room, and get new clothes to put on by herself).


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