Lacy Sweater Sleeve #2 started! I know it's not so interesting but it is progress! I am getting knitting time in 1 and 2 rows at a time. Not a whole lot of them either. And it'll probably take 2 weeks just to finish up my Klaralund which has been waiting for over a week and a half. I wound up a ball of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport (in Lilac) to start a gauge swatch for Zig Zag. I'm going to start off with US 6 circulars (Addi Natura bamboos). Wouldn't it be great if it all worked the first time especially with the limited knitting time I have? I'll be send off positive vibes so hopefully I'll have some good karma on this one (especially because I stink at following a chart; and I mean I'm a SPAZ - it's going to take forever even if the first swatch goes well).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're not a spaz. You're great. 143, the Anonymous Fan.

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