I have 3 projects that are prime candidates for a rip-along:
  1. Easy Knit Baby Blanket - I'd like to still do a baby blanket but use the Bad-A*s Baby Blanket pattern from Stitch 'n Bitch but with this yarn. Need smaller circular needles. I didn't like the way the needle size I was using was knitting up.
  2. Versatile Aran Scarf using Karabella Aurora 8 - This yarn is too soft and luscious to use for something I'm not excited about. The pattern I bought is not reversible (I didn't realize it then) and call me anal (wouldn't be the first time) but it bugs me when scarves are not reversible. Scarves should look good from both sides. I'd love to find a stitch dictionary to find a nice lace pattern that would still be warm and cozy for this winter. I looked through the stitches in Vogue Knitting but the only stitch I liked was a vertical drop stitch pattern.
  3. Charlotte's Web - I just can't keep knitting this knowing that almost every knit row has an error in it somewhere... I can just imagine how awful this would look when blocked out. So I may just have to r...r....rip her.

Anyone else have some ripping to do? I think it would be a relief to take some items off of my "On Hold" list.


Blogger Laura said...

I absolutely agree that scarves should be reversible. It's logical! And I've made a scarf with the drop stitch and really liked the look of it.

4:10 PM  
Blogger alison said...

I'll have to do another rip-along sometime soon! I've got a little list of projects that are ripe for ripping, including a vest I made for my husband last year that he never wore. I've been dreaming about making myself a sweater out of the yarn - can't let Rowan wool/cotton go to waste like that! When are you thinking about starting ripping??

8:36 AM  

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