Ta-da! Here's the hat. This pictures makes it appear like I have attached the pom-poms, but, alas, I have not. I'm up to my ears in finishing. Let's count how many projects are just moments away being official Finished Objects... (1) Poor Klaralund who has been waiting patiently on my kitchen counter since Ryan's birth (and since yesterday is waiting on the table on the side of my bed in the hopes of the visual reminder helping to make it a higher priority - but who am I kidding - sleep and any chance of sleep has the higher priority), (2) The first sweater - Lime Green for Jessi. I have found the buttons that I bought for it and now I just need to sew them on (this will be the easiest to finish), (3) Lacy Sweater (needs to be seamed up (I did the right shoulder seam during bath time last night - yes it's coming along very slowly), (4) my pajama pants (just need a bottom hem and lace trim), (5) the pictured hat (pass the pom-poms please). I won't even go into the WIPs. I think I need to abandon small needle projects and only go for projects on US 8s and above so I can actually feel as if I'm making progress.


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What a cute hat! The finishing portion of my knitting projects always seems to loom ahead of me and take more time than the knitting. Hang in there! It will all get done. Now go take a nap...zzz ;)


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