the Princess and the apple

Here's a picture of my two girls since the pictures from the weekend are still on the camera... and who knows how long they will be there!

Yesterday Jessi went to her first Princess birthday party. It was for an older girl... a 4 year old (and boy does one year make a difference). The party was in our neighborhood so Jessi donned her blue Princess dress that our wonderful cousins gifted her with and headed on over. When we got there the other girls (ages 4-5) were starting phase 1 - getting their nails and makeup done. It is at this point that Jessi, being my daughter, asks, "Mom, what's makeup?" I love it!! See, although I could benefit from the effects of makeup I usually don't use any. I do *have* makeup (Bobbi Brown and MAC are my favorites) but I don't actually use it unless it's a very special occasion. So this was so cute. I'd love for her to be tomboy, into sports, and not obsessed with her body. I don't want her to diet or feel she needs to meet somebody else's ideal. I want her to eat everything in moderation and be confident. It is because of this that I signed her up for another gym class and opted out of ballet at this point. I do want to expose her to a variety of things so she can pick what she likes to do... but she's already a perfectionist and I thought ballet would send her over the edge. I'd rather her play a sport where she can appreciate how her body works as opposed to what it looks like. Phase 2 of the party involved stuff Jessi loves - arts and crafts! We decorated a bear (with adorable princess dress and tiara to boot). And I also felt a connection with my daughter when during the entire makeup demonstration and 5 times during the craft she kept asking where the food was! She's hysterical. I looked at Mike and said with a embarrassed grin, "I have no idea where she gets this from". Well she was in heaven when we finally got to go upstairs and find the food! Ice cream in princess goblets and birthday cake! Shrimp with cocktail sauce, veggies with dip, and bruchetta for the grown-ups! She repeatedly said that she didn't want the party to end. It was so much fun. We got to meet some people in our neighborhood and got a glimpse of what 4 year old girls are like. Is there a way to skip over the princess phase or are we already going to be in it now?

Today we went apple picking at one of my favorite farms. It was a beautifully crisp day with tons of sunshine. We met up with some friends in our old neighborhood and got some lunch before heading over to the farm. We got some awesome apples with which I will make a yummy apple dessert this week. I'm not an apple pie sort of gal (although I tried it last year just to make sure); I'm more of an apple crumble or crisp - or whatever it's called - the one where there is butter and brown sugar and steel-cut oats on top baked in the oven. This over vanilla bean ice cream is sublime. Oh and the real reason I wanted to go to the farm: caramel apples of course. And I got one - and it was GREAT! I spent most of the farm time feeding the baby in the car, but Mike got some great pictures of the kids. I'll post some pictures sometime this week.

Tomorrow Jessi starts a new preschool and she takes a few weeks to adjust to things so I may have my hands full (as if I don't already).

In knitting news, I'm making great progress on the red poncho (I shall call it Little Red Riding Poncho) due to the long drive to the farm. One hour there; one hour back. This is the most knitting I've done in the last month. Hurraaaay!! I should be finished later this week.

Also, the Lion yarn that looks the most interesting to me is Watercolors and Incredible. See, I'm so NOT a YARN SNOB!


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I have a 6 1/2 year old tomboy and believe me, she wouldn't be caught dead even going to a Princess Party, so the Princess phase doesn't even have to start if you don't want it to. My daughter prefers to play with boys, and it is amazing even at this age that the girly girls are not attracted to her and she gets invited to the birthday parties of the boys and the tomboys (or should I say gender neutrals?) I think we have tried to raise her gender neutral, and she does have Barbies for playing, but she makes me be the girls and she plays the Kens. Princesses - fah! What good are they?


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