Two finished objects in 2 days. I'm on a roll. This sweater was my first project after learning to knit and making a few garter scarves. It's been knit forever - since before June (btm - before the move)... It had been waiting for buttons. Then I found buttons (again btm), then I lost them. Last month I found them again while organizing my knitting needles (putting them all in a bag upstairs in my closet instead of in multiple bags in the basement and my closet). This morning Jessi is not feeling well so we're watching Between the Lions and Sesame Street so I pulled this project out and finished it off. Sigh... I feel so much better. I hope it's not too small already. Jessi didn't even feel good enough to try it on so model shots will have to wait. Off to enjoy the day. :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a cute sweater! Jessi will look adorable in it! Yea, Mommy!


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