Yarn Snob No More

I recently looked over my yarn spending habits for this year (we're Quicken fanatics) and realized things are out of control. I have spent way more on yarn (and my new sewing machine) than I really wanted to and if things continue as they have my family will need to subsist on rice and beans... and my husband doesn't eat beans so he will either eat dinner elsewhere, wither away or divorce me. Okay so none of this will happen, but I decided to shake things up. My need to knit projects that are interesing hasn't waned. I still want to make my daughter a poncho for the Fall and there are gifts to knit for the holidays which I will need to start before most normal people because of my limited time with a newborn. So I went to Michael's today in search of some red yarn for Jessi (because is there really any other acceptable color in her eyes?) and found some Lion Brand Wool-Ease. I also bought some purple Jiffy for a poncho for a gift (with some Paton's Cha-Cha for a fluffy border). While I was there I notcied that there are some nice looking yarns (mostly by Lion or Bernat or Patons) that would be good for the gift giving season (scarves and hats I'm thinking). So I will challenge myself to make beautiful gifts with affordable yarn. I really like the Lion Brand Landscapes yarn as well as some others but didn't buy anything for myself because I was focusing on my poncho goal.

The pattern I'm using for both of the girl's ponchos is Joanna's Poncho, a simple poncho knit from the top down. I cast on 66 stitches instead of the 42. I'll have to see if this will be too big. If so I'll pick up stitches along the top and bring it in a bit.

The final price at the register was nice to see for a change!


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