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I've decided to start a cookbook challenge for myself. One of my goals is to eat healthier (more whole grains, vegetables, that sort of thing) so in the upcoming year I'm going to pick one of the cookbooks that's been sitting on my shelf collecting dust and try to cook as many recipes as I can from it (probably The Whole Foods Cookbook or one of my Moosewoods). I already know that it won't likely be more than one a week since I have a veggie-averse husband.

Today our playdate fell through so we made Hot Buttery Pretzels from KAF Baker's Companion (and we danced, played dress-up, and watched some Blue's Clues). This is the third time we've made these and they taste sooo good. I added some dough relaxer to the dough and it helped when it came time to roll them out. They were soft and buttery with a hint of salt and sweetness (from the sugar water the pretzels get dipped in before going on the baking sheet). Next time I will add more dough relaxer and roll the dough into longer pieces before rolling them into the pretzel shape. I always seem to have plump, rotund pretzels.

Today is one of those days when everyone is needy. The baby didn't sleep last night. And today we're a house full of crankies. I just want to make it through today. And everyone needs to take a nap today!! Or else!


Blogger Cat said...

From a confirmed meat eater - if you use the Moosewood books, your hubby won't even miss the meat! I have the first book, and have made many of the recipes. Some of my favorites - calzone, eggrolls, spanikopita (rich beyond belief - it's a diet breaker!) samosas, stir fry, cheesy beans, stuffed squash...I hear the second book is even better, but I've only been allowed to glance at it - it's more "advanced" than my cooking abilities can handle right now ;-)

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for you, Lisa! I have been slacking off in the area of healthier eating lately and it shows! I have the Whole Foods Ckbk too but haven't made a thing out of it-yet. Those pretzels from the KAF bk sound great! I just checked and my library has that book so I'll have to check it out.


10:50 AM  

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