Do brunettes have more fun?

I needed a change. So when I went to get my hair done this past Friday I cut 2 inches off (after getting 3 1/2 cut off at my last visit) and asked to be a brunette with some warmth. That translated to a brownish auburn color. I'm not used to it yet and keep going to the mirror to glimpse at the new hair color. I also asked the stylist to blow my hair out straight. I felt like I was in the witness protection program. New look; new attitude. And to top it all off I wore make-up Saturday night to a holiday party we attended. My husband probably thought he was going out on a date with another woman (with the same kids, though).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whooohooo! Looks great, Lisa! You cracked me up with that witness protection program comment! And make-up too?! Hee hee! You sound like me...my dh might just fall over if I actually wore make-up these days. Enjoy the new YOU!


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