How did Hanukkah sneak up on me?

I can't believe tomorrow night is Hanukkah. When I realized this I dropped anything I might have been doing this morning (nothing much - I was going to check out an educational store nearby) and Wednesday (ugh - I had to reschedule my hair appointment. I haven't gotten it highlighted since before I was pregnant - I look like I'm wearing a brownish hat; instead of looking sun-kissed) and headed straight for the grocery store to get ingredients for matzo ball soup. So I have the soup made now. Tomorrow I'll mix together the matzo ball stuff (no big deal) and cook the brisket.

I also rescheduled a playdate that I was looking forward to. But we'll se them on Thursday.

I've been doing tons of cooking and baking. My love for food has taken first place in the hobbies. I received my King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion cookbook and am loving going through it, placing tons of post-it notes to mark which recipes I want to make. You know how when you find a recipe that's so good for a given thing you just stop the search, knowing that you've found your go-to recipe? Well I found one for chocolate chip cookie bars which my husband likes better than chocolate chip cookies. I love it because it's even easier than chocolate chip cookies (and chocolate chip cookies are not hard to begin with). I add some stuff to the recipe (like cinnamon and cinnamon chips and omit nuts). Heavenly.

No knitting here lately. Having too much fun making things to eat. YUM!


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