I seem to have misplaced my Mastercook 7 CD (however I can find my version 4 CD from the 90s). Since I've reformatted my hard drive I've been searching for it to no avail. So finally I broke down and searched online to buy a new CD... and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there's a Mastercook 8 out now! So I'm having it sent to me. I didn't even check to see what enhancements this version has. I'll go check on that and post a review soon.


Patterned Paper, bottle cap, paper clip, tab folders - Michelle Underwood Color My Day Kit

Corner Swirl Stamp - Gina Cabrera Adore Kit

Solid textured paper, journalling vellum - my own design

Font - Mordred (name, time, date), typewriter (baby, journaling, jayne print (length, weight), SF Cali (title)


Weaning stopped

I stopped the weaning after he continued to spit up the formula (yep, it was only three days) and developed a huge rash all over. He was always trying to scratch himself through his clothes. I brought him into the doctor's last night and they suggested I bring him to a dermatologist so that's what we did today. He prescribed a topical steroidal cream and told me to apply some Aquaphor to his hands. I'm a bit skeptical about the hands since he always has them in his mouth - always! (I mean, come on, he's 5.5 months old). And I am cutting dairy out of my diet this week. Next week it'll be soy (not that I have too much soy). So for breakfast I had a few spoonfuls of oatmeal (oh the dreck!) and threw the rest out and half a banana. It helped that Mike ate his bagel this morning with jelly instead of my favorite scallion cream cheese. I was starving by the time lunch came around. We went to Baja Fresh and I got a Chicken Baja Burrito without the CHEESE! I always suspected that I had an allergy to dairy since my nose is *always* stuffy so we'll see if this little experiment helps any of us. But cheese tastes soooo good! For dinner we'll have hamburgers and fries. Oh where or where have my vegetables gone, oh where oh where can they beeee?? One thing at a time. Hey, I've got it, we'll have salad with dinner.

Is there anything better than playing outside and sharing a banana with your best friend? Not for a toddler! Love this free kit from http://www.thedigichick.com


The purpose of art is to stop time.

reflux update

The little one still has reflux and is still on Prevacid. He had an upper endoscopy (EGD) last week and the doctor saw some stuff in his stomach that indicated that he has gastritis. He took some biopsies and we'll know more later this week. Ryan's skin has been very bad (with cradle cap, then eczema that seems to come and go but mostly it comes). After a few doctor suggestions of cutting out things from my diet I've decided to wean him. We started with a little Alimentum (hypo-allergenic formula) on Saturday (after which he threw up the entire contents of his stomach on me and the couch) but we tried again in a smaller quantity (1/4 ounce) and it seems to be doing okay. Although he, not surprisingly, won't take the bottle from me. And sometimes he won't take the bottle at all. But we are trying slowly so that it's easier on his stomach and easier on me (so I don't get plugged ducts/mastitis, etc.). The formula smells something awful!! It's like the smell of goldfish snacks (which aren't bad when you're really hungry) magnified times 20.


The newest layout: "Food Glorious Food". This is when Jessi was in her "blockhead" stage - her head looks so square. Fonts: Hootie, Pegsanna HMK, Lainie Day, Typewriter

I waited until you were six months old to give you solids at the recommendation of your pediatrician and various books I read. since allergies run in our family, waiting until this age was advised so we didn’t expose you to things to which you might be allergic and to give your immune system a chance to further develop. Your first food was organic brown rice cereal. I was so thrilled when I was able to give you real food since I’m such a foodie! You might have made faces that first day but you grew to enjoy food (just like Mommy)! Some kids can take it or leave it but you *loved* food, glorious food! Just knowing that there was the possibility of having a fellow foodie around made me giddy with excitement. I gave you all sorts of delicious homemade foods... squash, peaches, avocado, soy milk yogurt, applesauce, peas, pears. You loved it all. But even YOU had your limits. When I started getting fancy with the tofu and the blended whole-grain cereals (like millet, quinoa, bean mixes) you protested. No problem, I can be flexible. Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron was my bible and I loved making your food with a little love sprinkled in.


Papers and elements from Shabby Princess's Miss Priss


Here's my latest scrapbook layout. I was so frustrated with this. I'm not sure why. But I didn't know where I wanted to go with it. I'm okay with how it turned out though. frame, happy pink paper, happy motif paper, bow - Gina Cabrera's Happy Girl

ribbons, flower brads, alpha tiles - GIna Cabrera's Sweetest Thing

love tile, sweet tile, made my own happy tiles using the tile background, pink stitched twill - Funny Valentine

Brushes from - Truly Sarah

Sweet Baby Girl Dymo - Michelle Underwood's Baby Girl

Fonts - Tara Type (journaling), Girls are Wierd (little things quote), MA Sexy (happy)


Yipee I love the colors in this and wanted to keep it simple. Credits: Alpha flowers - Gina Cabrera's In the Pink, All background papers - Gina Cabrera's Sweetest Thing, ribbons and bows - Gina Cabrera's Happy Girl
Jessica flowers based on Spring by Helen Naylor in Scrapbooks, Etc. Techniques p.71
Font: Weezer

Layout from Becky Higgins Creative Sketches p.128


Jessi at 11 months! I fixed the red-eye in the final version using an adjustment channel mixer (see the tutorial at http://www.photoshopsupport.com/tutorials/cb/remove-red-eye.html). Journaling:
No one can count on the future
or know what they someday might do.
But could I have chosen a daughter,
My heart would have settled on you -

I'd have wished for your warm disposition
and dreamed of your spirit and style,
I'd have hoped for your love and affection,
imagined your beautiful smile...

Life holds some gifts and surprises,
and one of the best there could be
Is having a daughter as lovely
as the one who was given to me.

11 Months

June 02

Fonts: carpenter (jessica), marker fine point (journaling and 11 months), 2Peas Ditzy (june 02)

Papers and elements - Gina Cabrera's Happy Girl (Striped paper, fushia paper, daisy, bookplate, green dotted paper, Happy Motif paper, ribbons, ric rak), Gina Cabrera's Shabby Prince (photo prong, zig zag stitching), Gina Cabrera's Funny Valentine (buttons, photo corners, rosebud) all available from Digital Design Essentials


Sweet Baby Girl

I just finished this 9 months LO for part of Jessi's first year album. I wanted to do something with bright colors and a little retro (rounded corners).

Discover your feet
First tooth
Visit Grandma Linda and Grandpa Phil in FL
Visit Grandma Sandy in FL and attend Cousin Jason's Bar Mitzvah
Second tooth

Fonts: MA Sexy (sweet, girl), Goudy Stout (BABY), Typewriter (9months), Marker Fine Point - Plain (journaling and photo captions)

Becky Higgins Creative Sketching for Scrapbooking p 90

Paper and elements - Michelle Underwood's Shopping Fool


Just finished this LO for my daughter's baby album (at 5 months) Journaling - first snow
facinated by your hands
sleep through the night
love to blow raspberries
visit atlanta for New Years

Shabby Pink Flower paper, Striped Paper, Shabby Pea paper, green eyelets, ribbon and bows - Gina Cabrera's Shabby Princess Kit

Pink Tabs, "S" stencil, staples - Michelle Underwood's Baby Girl Kit

Winter charm - Michelle Underwood's
Wrapped in Color Kit

Fonts - Seraphim (baby, journaling), PegsannaHMK (Jan 2002, snow)


This was taken after Jessi helped her dad rake some leaves. She jumped right into the leaf pile and started exploring!

This Blue's Clues outfit was the most adorable! We had a great time for our first real Halloween this past October. All the previous years J was too young. Journaling: "You said you wanted to be Big Bird for Halloween but all of the costumes I found online were cheesy. Then Cousin Paula saw this one and I thought it would be perfect for you. After all, Blue?s Clues is one of your favorite shows! And Daddy just happened to have a green striped rugby like Steve wore in the show. This was your first time trick-or-treating and you thought it was great to be able to get candy just by knocking on people?s door. Since I don?t normally let you eat much candy ,you were in sugar heaven. You were allowed one piece of candy each night after you finished dinner."

Pharmacy (Blue's Clues), Resurgence (halloween, 2004), AL Handcrafted (a, journaling)
Papers and tag - La Jolla by CashewStyle, Bow element - Auntie Pea, Staples - Shabby Tea Party by Shabby Princess

This was the first time I used Layer Masks in Photoshop. The quote reads: "After a day's walk everything has twice its normal value" I used AutoFX's Dreamy Photo free plug-in for the main picture. Fonts - Pegsanna HMK (date, value, walk), Lemon Chicken (VALUE), Carpenter, Jayne Print (walk); Distressed Paper - my own design, Brushes - various (Clock Brushes - marcee; bflys-pk1)

Page one in the Month 4 LO.

At 4 months you love when Mommy, Daddy, and Jessica talk and sing to you. And we love it when you laugh. You are so responsive that we want to sit and watch you smile all day. Your hands fascinate you and you play with them all the time. You look like you are planning a grand scheme the way you rub your hands together. You slept through the night for the first time on Dec. 23 but you don’t want to do it regularly yet. You started teething too. We felt so badly because we knew how much it hurt. By the end of December you were in more of a routine. You went to bed between 9 and 9:30 and get up once or twice for feedings. Mommy gave you your first stylish haircut, ridding you of the baby combover. Your favorite toys are your’s and Mommy’s fingers. You are always trying to suck them. Ryan, you are our happy baby boy

This is the first page I've done for my ds's first year album. It was to document month 4 (this past December). I used Shabby Princess's Shabby Smiles kit(http://www.shabbyprincess.com), 2Peas Wild Child (block letters in journaling), AL Handcrafted (journaling), 2Peas Arizona (months, December 2004)

This was my Super Bowl scrap. Journaling reads:It was the perfect snow to build a snowman. The flakes were huge, squishy, and oh so packable. It was the kind of snow that made a crunching sound when we stepped on it. As soon as you got home from preschool you begged to go outside to play in the snow. I took you on a quick sled ride in our back yard and then we got to work making a snowman. Having grown up in South Florida I didn’t have much experience building a snowman of any kind but we just kept packing it together and pressing snowballs into our big snow lump. You kept taking handfuls and eating the snow and then you would take some and put it on our growing snowman. I asked if we were finished and you said, “No. He’s not as big as me yet.” So we kept building until the snowman was the same height as you . When we were finished, we yelled up for Dad to come and look at our first snowman. He asked where our snowman’s face was. Then he brought down one of your dress-up hats, my scarf, 2 grapes for the eyes, and a carrot for the nose! It was the cutest and lumpiest snowman I’d ever seen. We were so proud! The next day we had 50 degree weather. When I looked out the window later that day our snowman had a curious leftward lean. He was melting! Oh what fun it was to make that snowman. He may not have lasted very long but my memory of this will last forever!

Quote reads: "star light, star bright. please don't let me melt tonight"
Elements - Ribbon and most papers from Mel - Violette Kit, Circle letters and lavender canvas paper around border by Gina Cabrera
Quote - 2Peas Pea SoupElements - Ribbon and most papers from Mel - Violette Kit, Circle letters and lavender canvas paper around border by Gina Cabrera
Jayne Print - journaling, Pegsanna HMK (our), Mordred (first and quote)

Page one of the Museum of Natural History LO.

Here's a LO I did of a visit to the Museum of Natural History when my dd was younger. It is based on Becky Higgin's Creative Sketches (p.76). Quote says: "Try to learn something about everying and everything about something." I used my own paper designs for this. The brown bow and stitching is from Gina Cabrera's Digitally Sparked Vol 2. Fonts: Typewriter, CluffHmk, Arcitectura

Digital Scrapbooking

So I've had computer problems over the past few months... various kinds really... to the point I had to send the computer back to the manufacturer (the CPU needed to be replaced). But now I'm back and now I have more RAM which is important since my latest hobby is digital scrapbooking. And this takes up a lots of memory since each of the files ends up being around 200-300 MB each. It's more affordable than paper scrapbooking and I if I "cut" the picture wrong in the digital world I can always start over. I picked up a magazine called Digital Scrapbooking 2 (from Simple Scrapbooks) and then I was hooked. My husband has been saying that I should do scrapbooking on the computer a few times but I don't think he realized the community of digiscrappers out there. I found http://www.scrapbook-bytes.com and their forums, galleries, and free downloads are amazing. The link to my gallery is: http://www.scrapbook-bytes.com/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=15760 but I will try to post layouts here as well (or maybe here first since it's easiest). I need to install Hello on my computer again so I can upload pictures to this blog. I will REBUILD (but it just takes some time - I don't even have my recipe software - and for an anal retentive meal planner like me... well let's just say I've been winging it lately).