Digital Scrapbooking

So I've had computer problems over the past few months... various kinds really... to the point I had to send the computer back to the manufacturer (the CPU needed to be replaced). But now I'm back and now I have more RAM which is important since my latest hobby is digital scrapbooking. And this takes up a lots of memory since each of the files ends up being around 200-300 MB each. It's more affordable than paper scrapbooking and I if I "cut" the picture wrong in the digital world I can always start over. I picked up a magazine called Digital Scrapbooking 2 (from Simple Scrapbooks) and then I was hooked. My husband has been saying that I should do scrapbooking on the computer a few times but I don't think he realized the community of digiscrappers out there. I found http://www.scrapbook-bytes.com and their forums, galleries, and free downloads are amazing. The link to my gallery is: http://www.scrapbook-bytes.com/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=15760 but I will try to post layouts here as well (or maybe here first since it's easiest). I need to install Hello on my computer again so I can upload pictures to this blog. I will REBUILD (but it just takes some time - I don't even have my recipe software - and for an anal retentive meal planner like me... well let's just say I've been winging it lately).


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