The newest layout: "Food Glorious Food". This is when Jessi was in her "blockhead" stage - her head looks so square. Fonts: Hootie, Pegsanna HMK, Lainie Day, Typewriter

I waited until you were six months old to give you solids at the recommendation of your pediatrician and various books I read. since allergies run in our family, waiting until this age was advised so we didn’t expose you to things to which you might be allergic and to give your immune system a chance to further develop. Your first food was organic brown rice cereal. I was so thrilled when I was able to give you real food since I’m such a foodie! You might have made faces that first day but you grew to enjoy food (just like Mommy)! Some kids can take it or leave it but you *loved* food, glorious food! Just knowing that there was the possibility of having a fellow foodie around made me giddy with excitement. I gave you all sorts of delicious homemade foods... squash, peaches, avocado, soy milk yogurt, applesauce, peas, pears. You loved it all. But even YOU had your limits. When I started getting fancy with the tofu and the blended whole-grain cereals (like millet, quinoa, bean mixes) you protested. No problem, I can be flexible. Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron was my bible and I loved making your food with a little love sprinkled in.


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