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The little one still has reflux and is still on Prevacid. He had an upper endoscopy (EGD) last week and the doctor saw some stuff in his stomach that indicated that he has gastritis. He took some biopsies and we'll know more later this week. Ryan's skin has been very bad (with cradle cap, then eczema that seems to come and go but mostly it comes). After a few doctor suggestions of cutting out things from my diet I've decided to wean him. We started with a little Alimentum (hypo-allergenic formula) on Saturday (after which he threw up the entire contents of his stomach on me and the couch) but we tried again in a smaller quantity (1/4 ounce) and it seems to be doing okay. Although he, not surprisingly, won't take the bottle from me. And sometimes he won't take the bottle at all. But we are trying slowly so that it's easier on his stomach and easier on me (so I don't get plugged ducts/mastitis, etc.). The formula smells something awful!! It's like the smell of goldfish snacks (which aren't bad when you're really hungry) magnified times 20.


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Hang in there!
At least you have a good doctor. When Em was a baby, she had reflux, and no-one would listen. I was repeatedly told that I was a first time mother, and that I was overreacting. The kid did not sleep! Finally at ten months, I saw a new doctor who diagnosed reflux right away. Then suddenly, about 2 weeks after that, it just seemed to right itself. She had terrible cradle cap too - right up until she was around 5!


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