Weaning stopped

I stopped the weaning after he continued to spit up the formula (yep, it was only three days) and developed a huge rash all over. He was always trying to scratch himself through his clothes. I brought him into the doctor's last night and they suggested I bring him to a dermatologist so that's what we did today. He prescribed a topical steroidal cream and told me to apply some Aquaphor to his hands. I'm a bit skeptical about the hands since he always has them in his mouth - always! (I mean, come on, he's 5.5 months old). And I am cutting dairy out of my diet this week. Next week it'll be soy (not that I have too much soy). So for breakfast I had a few spoonfuls of oatmeal (oh the dreck!) and threw the rest out and half a banana. It helped that Mike ate his bagel this morning with jelly instead of my favorite scallion cream cheese. I was starving by the time lunch came around. We went to Baja Fresh and I got a Chicken Baja Burrito without the CHEESE! I always suspected that I had an allergy to dairy since my nose is *always* stuffy so we'll see if this little experiment helps any of us. But cheese tastes soooo good! For dinner we'll have hamburgers and fries. Oh where or where have my vegetables gone, oh where oh where can they beeee?? One thing at a time. Hey, I've got it, we'll have salad with dinner.


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