She just loves getting glue-ey.

The great thing about sleep deprivation and having no memory any more is that I could have done decoupage before but I wouldn't even remember! It felt like the first time. I just tore up the paper and stuck it where I wanted. Here it is mid-project. You can see the purple bowl at the very far left of the pix. Don't try to feed your son cereal (which looks very much like glue) and decoupage at the same time. I accidentally dipped the glue brush into the cereal bowl.... don't worry, I didn't feed it to him. Instead I washed the entire thing out and started anew. But I didn't start again with the glue - so I just have some organic mixed cereal in with the fabulous prints on the box - it's impossible to notice. It may have an odd soy smell to it for some time though!

Decoupage was our art project today. I bought these "pencil boxes" at Michael's months ago - like when I was still pregnant, along with some papers. I thought J would want to do her own box but instead she wanted to make a box for the baby and wanted me to decorate hers. I think this is my first decoupage project.


Love these kits!

Happy Birthday to me! Okay, my birthday is not until Sunday but I bought myself some new digital scrapbooking kits for my birthday. I chose Ronna's Old World Charm, Mo's Flea Market Finds: Ashley, Anna's Little Charmer (with no drop shadows so I can add my own), and Denise's Serenity page kits. This is my first time with Ronna and Mo kits. I am excited to start creating with them. I'm downloading them right now. My dh is not getting me a hobby-related bday gift this year (as he usually does) because 30 is a milestone, a special birthday, something to be remembered. He got me a pair of beautiful earrings. Truly exquisite. Thank you honey!! And he's so cute. He can't hold onto a present if he gets it early so he gave them to me last week (he did the same thing for our engagement - he had the ring and had this picnic idea planned but then couldn't wait so he proposed to me over leftover Chinese (as I was heating up the mixed soup - wantons in egg drop soup - in the microwave at his parents house)! Now it's a tradition to order in Chinese on the day we got engaged! And, of course, I always get mixed soup!!

Last night while surfing around I found some great scrapbooking blogs. I'll be posting them on the sidebar soon. So check back soon!

Just came back from my local garden center where we picked out some cute flower and most importantly, our strawberry plants. Yummm! Can't wait to pick big strawberries from the garden. While there I saw apple trees. I totally want an apple tree. They didn't have my favorite eating apple from the market (Gala) - I'll to do some dh heavy convincing... the last time I bought a tree it wasn't exactly successful. It was a peach tree (I LOVE peaches) and it was shipped bareroot and I planted it as instructed in the enclosed directions... and then I waited. And waited. Two years went by and my dh said he thought it was time to throw the dead twig in the garbage. I was in denial for those 2 years but finally acquiesced. Sob Sob. I WILL try again - but this time with a nectarine tree since my love for nectarines has edged out my love for peaches since the time of that tree purchase. Out to plant we go!! Time to get our hands dirty. :-) I love this time of year!!!


Just did a LO on my upcoming birthday. I'm turning 30. Everyone is acting like it's a milestone but I'm not as freaked out about it as others I know. I'm looking forward to the next decade of my life -- being comfortable in my own skin, happy with the decisions I have made so far that got me to where I am now... It's lame that I used the same picture as the only other LO about myself... but I don't have a better one. I tried some self-portraits to play around with some settings on my camera but they make me laugh when I see them!!


I used the Summer Fun Kit from Digital Designs Essentials Volume 1 for this LO of my ds's first month. The stapled ribbon, black stitched fabric, and Love overlay are from Shabby Princess's Sweet Sprinkles. Fonts are Hottie, Verdana, and Marydale. The "r" is Pharmacy.


This is the Birth LO (duh) for my dd. The quote reads "When they placed you in my arms, you slipped into my heart.". I had so much journaling that I had to save half for a prenatal page... so an additional page will need to be added to my dd's album. I deleted the I'm a Girl tag that is in the hospital bassinet here but it appears in the original LO "stapled" and in vellum. The Kit used is Michelle Underwood's Baby Girl Kit. Fonts: Allergro for the quote, Pharmacy for the title, and my favorite journaling font these days is Marydale. As one of the Dragon Tales characters says (I think it's Cassie) "Love it!"

BH Sketch Book 2, Sketch #37; Oh Baby! (girl) - Digital Design Essentials

" We brought you to your first home at **** on August 3rd, after a two-day stay in the hospital. Grammy Linda, Grampy Phil, and Linky were there to greet us when we arrived. You had your first checkup on August 8th, at 1 week old. You weighed 5 lbs 11 oz (10%tile) and measured 19 ¼” long (25%tile). You were jaundice but it resolved itself after many around-the-clock feedings. At the end of your first month Daddy gave you your first bottle ever and continued to do so daily. We are proud parents of the most beautiful girl in the world!"


Another LO closer to JFC's baby album being complete. I'm trying to simplify things with the LO. Journaling reads: "You smile at yourself in the mirror for the first time and you have discovered your hands! It’s so amazing to see you play with those perfectly formed fingers. You now delight us with the sweetest coos and giggles. Jessica, we love you more than you will ever know and we feel so blessed to have you as our daughter. Our lives are so enriched by your presence."

"At your 2-month checkup on Oct 6 you now weigh 9 lbs 10 oz and are 22 inches long."

BH Book 2 Sketch #50; Michelle Underwood's Wrapped in Color; white bow and polka dot photo corners - Digital Design Essentials; Fonts: Elephant, Marydale


BH Sketch #31 (for Book 2)

GC In Style (Digitally Sparked Vol 2), Wedded Bliss
journal strip - Michelle Underwood's Baby Girl

Fonts: 39 Smooth, Marydale

You first held your head up. You suck your thumb and fingers for the first time! You took you first plane ride to visit the **** family. You rolled over for the first time at B and Ts house (but then you didn’t do it again for a few months). You had your first injury when you were hit in the head with a broom while R was helping her mommy sweep acorns in their driveway and lost her grip. I cried more than you did because I felt so badly that I let this happen and was so worried that you would always feel the pain of that first bump. You got sick for the first time on Nov 4. You celebrated your first Thanksgiving at Grammy and Grampy’s at Sunny Point in Melbourne, Florida. And this month the world opened up for you with the first grasp of one of your toys!


Adorable and Allergic

Just got back from the allergist and it is confirmed that he is, indeed, ALLERGIC. To what you ask? Well it might be easier to say what he isn't allergic to - SOY. The other stuff he tested positive for ( in this order ): Eggs, Peanuts, Wheat, Milk/Dairy

So that means no normal cereal, cookies, crackers, cake, bread, muffins, pastas. Maybe by the time he starts getting to be old enough to eat these things there will a Trader Joe's nearby. I'll probably end up making the stuff myself (with the help of my pint-sized sous chef).

Am I surprised by this? No, not really.

So (final?) weaning will begin (again) today after I get the soy formula. Right now the allergy boy is going down for a nap - and we're waiting for prescriptions to be filled for him anyway (another round of antibiotics and Pulmacort added to the Xoponex breathing treatments, and an Epipen). Yesterday was the last dose of the second round of Prednisolo so at least that's not on my list of medicines to remember to give him.



This is my dd in her 10th month. I didn't add a title and I don't know if I'm going to. The kit is Michelle Underwood's Color My Day. The sketch is #27 for BH's 2nd Sketch book. This was fun because I got to use Photoshop's pinch filter to pinch the ribbon to make it fit through the hole in the eyelet on the paint chip.You can’t help it that you’re a messy eater,
"You haven’t learned all the tricks.
Like how to get the food in your mouth
Or the exact location of your lips.
-Gina Marie Lauchner"


A Good Toaster is Hard to Find

I've had it with the toaster search. If you remember our original toaster oven was replaced with one that ticked ticked ticked ticked ticked when on the toast mode - we thought Jack Bauer was going to burst through our house at any moment to disconnect the explosive before it detonated. We returned it for a cheapo one - because that was the only one on the market that didn't tick and now this one doesn't want to open or close without utencil support and lots of jiggling. Why must this be so hard? To loosely paraphrase my husband - cell phone technology goes through several iterations of improvement in 5 months; why has toaster oven technology not made any advancements (but actually seems to be reverting, much like previously-potty-trained pre-schooler) in the last 5 YEARS?! So we are, again, in need of a toaster oven.

The last few days have been very successful in terms of preschool pottying. No need for changes of clothes like the previous week where she went more than 7 times. After that I stopped counting. And no, she has no infection, I took her to the doctor... I don't know if I was happy or sad that there was no medical reason for her frequent pants wetting. Of course I didn't want her to be experiencing any physical harm but I was not content with the idea that this was entirely behavioral and that she was, again, pushing our buttons! But, alas, she was and IS! But 2 good days - so I must celebrate!!

Burpie (our nickname for our 6 month old baby - horrible, I know but it stuck) has been needing breathing treatments to help him breathe a little easier with the latest virus. He sounds horrible and I feel even worse seeing him suffering like he is. He's not eating as much so I'm needing to pump. On the upside, he's started oatmeal and I went shopping and got a bunch of the next foods he'll be getting: mixed cereal (which introduces millet to the already oh-so-exciting oatmeal and rice mix), bananas, sweet potatoes, and winter squash.

It's starting to smell great in the house as I've got Beef Bourgouinne (a Cooking Light recipe) cooking on the stove. We've been eating like crap and I've started feeling like crap too. So I'm going through Mastercook this morning to add all the Cooking Light magazines I have backed up from the Dell Debacle from 2001 until the present. And then I'm going to try to get back into meal planning for next week.


Working towards my goal of finishing my 3.5 yr old's baby album... This was done using a Becky Higgins sketch from the second sketches book. Word art by me. Paper and striped tag - Whimsical Wishes - Digital Design Essentials by Gina Cabrera

Flower - Digital Design Essentials

Stitched ribbon - Adore Kit - Digital Design Essentials by Gina Cabrera

Fonts - Garamond, Lainie Day, Typewriter

This was for an AL Challenge. I'm still going to probably find a texture to overlay on the tannish background. I made my own paper by using various brushes (large flower and dotted circles by Rhonna Farrer, the small flowers are scooly_flowas). The rik rak and the bows are from Digital Design Essentials.

Encourage Silly...I've been scrapping some older pictures of my daughter. This was taken on Father's Day 2003 at Famous Dave's. They look like straw walruses to me! Papers and elements from Michelle Underwood's Ralphie Kit.


Journaling: We originally drove to Butler’s Orchard to pick blueberries but when Daddy saw the signs for picking peas he knew I wanted to stop. We all exited the car and waded through the verdant pea patch looking for plump pods to pick. We ate so much in the field that it’s a wonder we had anything left to buy. It was unusually late for peas to still be around so we took advantage of the last of the season’s pickings. And we did pick two big pails of blueberries too!

Road Trip Kit by Gina Cabrera

back on the juice

The baby is back on the steroids because his rash was coming back. I stopped the Zyrtec so that he could be able to get allergy testing next Friday.

We were having a challenging week. Lots of tantrums, crying, and general ?Terrible Two Behavior?. You were struggling for independence; I was struggling to maintain parental control. I realized we just needed to forget about the rules for awhile and have some fun. I took your crib mattress and put it on the floor, turned on some music, and jumped around on it. Sometimes it?s okay to

October 2003

No jumping on the bed

Inked Edge Overlay - GC Frosty Fun
Brads - GC Delightful

Fonts - Serafina (journaling and date), Pegsanna HMK (no jumping on the bed), Misproject (title)


Love these pics of my dh and dd! Gingham bow - Shabby Princess's Tea Party Kit, texture (can't remember where I downloaded this!), circle brush - Rhonna Farrer, Photo Corners - Digital Design Essentials


And here's a funny face picture. She has a passion for putting lip balm all over her face. Need to scrap these pictures eventually. We had a great time at the ESPNZone a few weekends back. She keeps asking to go to it again so she can play games.

Hey Mom - this is for you so you can see how J's hair has grown.


New Browser & Seed Starting Day

I just made the change this weekend to FireFox instead of using Microsoft Internet Explorer (glad I have my dh for keeping me up to speed on new computer stuff and the latest music) for surfing the web. I'm really digging the tabs that you can create inside the browser interface. And I like the search bar that allows you to search not just google (because I'm a big fan of IE's google bar) but also Amazon, Yahoo, dictionary.com, and eBay all without having to go to their homepage.

Today was seed starting day at my house. I let my dd play around with the dirt and fill up the flats. Then she helped me pick out some seeds to plant. I started my tomatoes and peppers along with some annual flowers. I have no idea if it's too early or late to be planting these but I'm not as organized this year (and too lazy to look at the database I put together last year) so we went ahead and just planted.

The baby is going through a growth spurt and is eating every 1.5 - 2.5 hours during the day. I hope this doesn't continue into the night. I am almost positive that his allergy is to dairy because I had a delicious meal that was heavy on the dairy last night and he was broken out today (J - if you're reading this it's not your fault - and thank you for having us over because we enjoyed seeing you guys - and dinner was so yummy). This is the closest proof I've had so far since he was clearing up from all the medicine and I cut dairy waaay back. So I'll be having a bagel and hummus tomorrow morning for breakfast... that's okay I'm all out of Wegman's scallion cream cheese anyway. I'm inadvertently turning my hubby into a food snob. He had some other cream cheese this morning and he said it was gross in comparison. Yep, once you have the good stuff it's hard to go back.

Journaling: As soon as you woke up and saw snow on the ground you wanted to go outside to play. You begged us to take you for a sled ride. So we got dressed in our snow clothes and had fun making snow angels and catching snowflakes on our tongues. We even engaged in a friendly snowball fight. You thought it was hysterical that you were allowed to throw snow at mommy and daddy. And you threw one square in mommy’s fdce! What good aim you have!

Snowflake Paper Clip - GC Frosty Fun from Digital Design Essentials

Papers, eyelet laced ribbon, blue folder tab - Michelle Underwood's Color My Day


For your third birthday Grandma Sandy took you to Toys R Us to pick out a big girl bicycle. You picked out a Malibu Pretty in Pink one that had a doll seat on the back so you could bring Rebecca along for a ride. You almost picked out a different bike because it came with a bell. But we told you we could put a bell on any of them so you decided on this one (with the bell, of course, and a Princess helmet and pads). You were hesitant to give up your Little Tykes bike since it was easier to ride but you saw all the older kids in the neighborhood riding their bikes and thought you’d give it a try.

The hardest part of raising a child is
teaching them to ride bicycles. A shaky
child on a bicycle for the first time
needs both support and freedom. The
realization that this is what the child
will always need can hit hard.

Zig Zag Stitching - GC Frosty Fun, Digital Design Essentials

Jelly Circles, Diamond Paper - Shabby Princess's Sweet Sprinkles

Gingham bow - Shabby Princess's Tea Party

Inked Edges - GC Frosty Fun

Brushes - Flower by Rhonna Farrer, photo border by Misprinted Type

Fonts: Arial Narrow, Pegsanna HMK, Vegetable (practice)


This was made using Denise Docherty's Au Revoir Kit (but instead of using things with au revoir I used things that said forever or always and added my "je t'aime" (i love you). I was experimenting with the different blending modes in Photoshop and used masks with gradients and the brush tool with the brush diameter set to 300 pixels. I love the way it came out.

My daughter loves to have tea parties... and we either have a tea party or a birthday party almost everyday. She takes it very seriously - we have to gather all of her dolls from every part of the house to the tea party location. If she's hungry we almost always have to give the "dolls" some goldfish crackers and our teapot is filled with water from the refrigerator which she loves to get herself. This LO (layout) was based on the Jan 29/30 day from the Autumn Leaves calendar (which is full of great ideas). Design from - Autumn Leaves - Jan 29/30

Circle Paper - Michelle Underwood's Wrapped in Color
Paisley Paper - Michelle Underwood Sweet Baby Girl
Solid Paper, Purple Dot paper - The Digi Chick's Countdown Kit
Pink flower motif paper - Gina Cabrera Happy Girl Kit - Digital Design Essentials
Ribbon, bow, buttons, flowers - Shabby Princess Tea Party
Jellin Circle, stitched fabric J, Blue Heart and Swirls Paper (colorized) - Shabby Princess Sweet Sprinkles Kit

Font - Minya Nouvelle, MA Sexy, Fontdinerdotcom

This picture was from when my daughter opened a present from my in-laws and I just love her face when she discovered what it was! Papers and elements from the Shabby Princess Sweet Sprinkles (free kit from http://www.shabbyprincess.com). The layout is almost identical to the quickpage included. Fonts: Pharmacy, Artstamp Medium, Adorable. Journaling: "You told Grandma Linda over the phone that you were wearing your Cinderella dress for dress-up. But there was one problem: you were so sad that you didn’t have a princess dress in your favorite color. You had no RED princess dress. A few days later a surprise package arrived in the mail from Grammy and Grampy – a beautiful red dress fit for a princess! January 2005"


Working out

My dh and I made a pact to start working out again (after a long hiatus - 1 year 2 months for me - with the pregnancy and then the first 6 months) and we made our goal of working out 3 times this week (sat, sun, and today). It feels so nice to get a workout in. I forgot how good it makes me feel and how much more energy I have throughout the day. I have also noticed that I'm more patient... but that could be that my ds has slept through the night for 6 out of the last 8 nights. Things in the sleep department are looking more promising!!

So we've been looking for a coat rack so that our coats (and our guest coats) aren't just thrown on a chair or the couch and we finally found one we like that we'll pick up this weekend. Why is it that coat closets are for coats we never wear - and always full - and also for clutter and things we just don't know where to put?

Happy 1/2 birthday to my little one today!! Where did the time go? I can't believe he's 6 months old already. I plan on starting food sometime this week. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. My dh wanted to know what we were going to do to celebrate his 1/2 birthday today. I said we can eat the cookie bars that we made to celebrate Dr. Seuss's 100th birthday yesterday. I think that satisfied her but I know she wanted to bake cupcakes but I just don't have all the ingredients this week for the frosting and she really wants the frosting (that's my girl!).

Our humidity from the new humidifer hasn't improved so the installation guy is here to take a look. And then it's off to gym class.


I finally received my Mastercook CD... 2 days my butt. Oh well. I installed it and all seems to be working fine. Of course, I haven't really tried to use it. Hopefully tomorrow I will.

I printed out my LOs at Costco and was elated with the whole experience. The guy at the photo counter was very helpful in giving me a place where I can download the photo printer's custom color palette so I can more accurately see what my photos and LOs will look like and so I can be using the same colors that will be printed in my pages. Now if I can only figure out to use it. I posted over at the SBB forums and hopefully someone there will be able to help. So for $2.99 I was able to print a 12x18 poster size (of which I only need 12x12 for the LOs, so then added 3 4x6 pictures at the bottom - to send to relatives and hang around the house). Can't be beat! I was able to have it in 10 minutes since it was a slow day - so we went to have a hot pretzel while we waited since the dd was absolutely starving (little diva! - she just ate, so no, I'm not starving my child).

Tonight we celebrated Dr. Suess's 100th birthday by having... GREEN EGGS and HAM (bacon) for dinner... with some hashbrowns on the side - because any excuse for eating potatoes and I'm there! And of course we read assorted Dr. Seuss books throughout the day (Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You? and There's a Wocket in My Pocket) and our cousin came over to do laundry this evening because her dryer spontanteously broke yesterday and she read Green Eggs and Ham for a bedtime book. Having a guest reader is such a special treat!

For those following along in the ezcema/skin rash/what is wrong with my baby saga - the allergist that we saw earlier in the week said he has a skin infection and put him on oral steroids, antibiotics, and an antihistamine. We weren't able to get him tested for allergies since he was too broken out and they couldn't find any place on his body to do it (his arms and legs were surprisingly clear due to the previous treatment of topical steroids but since he's always flailing them, that would not have been the preferable location). So we will go back in 2 1/2 weeks for the testing. Until then I'm supposed to bath him *more often* (totally contradicting what our pediatrician said) and keep him soaking for 20 minutes then lube him with vaseline. Yeah right... I don't know what planet he's living on but my son starts screaming at the top of his lungs after 20 seconds of being in the bath (not just regular top-of-the-lungs screaming but psycho-my-head-is-going-to-start-spinning screaming). Next up - well baby exam this Friday. I'm hoping I don't have to go to any doctors offices next week after going to 4 visits in 2 weeks.

I think I might change this page to change the title from "friends" to have something more to do with playing at the park... tbd. The papers and elements (except the friends letters) are from Michelle Underwood's Happiness and Laughter Kit. The black stitched letters are from Shabby Princess's free Sweet Sprinkles Kit (http://www.shabbyprincess.com). Then again I may just leave it as is!


Okay so I was trying to make a LO that had more street cred than my others. Because, hey, being 3 is not clean-cut - it's chaotic, busy, messy... and being the mom of a 3 year old is much the same. Kit by Maya (I Got Your Number), Twill tags - Digital Design Essentials, staples from Shabby Princess's Tea Party Kit. Fonts used: Artstamp medium, Typewriter Keys Filled.