Adorable and Allergic

Just got back from the allergist and it is confirmed that he is, indeed, ALLERGIC. To what you ask? Well it might be easier to say what he isn't allergic to - SOY. The other stuff he tested positive for ( in this order ): Eggs, Peanuts, Wheat, Milk/Dairy

So that means no normal cereal, cookies, crackers, cake, bread, muffins, pastas. Maybe by the time he starts getting to be old enough to eat these things there will a Trader Joe's nearby. I'll probably end up making the stuff myself (with the help of my pint-sized sous chef).

Am I surprised by this? No, not really.

So (final?) weaning will begin (again) today after I get the soy formula. Right now the allergy boy is going down for a nap - and we're waiting for prescriptions to be filled for him anyway (another round of antibiotics and Pulmacort added to the Xoponex breathing treatments, and an Epipen). Yesterday was the last dose of the second round of Prednisolo so at least that's not on my list of medicines to remember to give him.



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