BH Sketch #31 (for Book 2)

GC In Style (Digitally Sparked Vol 2), Wedded Bliss
journal strip - Michelle Underwood's Baby Girl

Fonts: 39 Smooth, Marydale

You first held your head up. You suck your thumb and fingers for the first time! You took you first plane ride to visit the **** family. You rolled over for the first time at B and Ts house (but then you didn’t do it again for a few months). You had your first injury when you were hit in the head with a broom while R was helping her mommy sweep acorns in their driveway and lost her grip. I cried more than you did because I felt so badly that I let this happen and was so worried that you would always feel the pain of that first bump. You got sick for the first time on Nov 4. You celebrated your first Thanksgiving at Grammy and Grampy’s at Sunny Point in Melbourne, Florida. And this month the world opened up for you with the first grasp of one of your toys!


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