A Good Toaster is Hard to Find

I've had it with the toaster search. If you remember our original toaster oven was replaced with one that ticked ticked ticked ticked ticked when on the toast mode - we thought Jack Bauer was going to burst through our house at any moment to disconnect the explosive before it detonated. We returned it for a cheapo one - because that was the only one on the market that didn't tick and now this one doesn't want to open or close without utencil support and lots of jiggling. Why must this be so hard? To loosely paraphrase my husband - cell phone technology goes through several iterations of improvement in 5 months; why has toaster oven technology not made any advancements (but actually seems to be reverting, much like previously-potty-trained pre-schooler) in the last 5 YEARS?! So we are, again, in need of a toaster oven.

The last few days have been very successful in terms of preschool pottying. No need for changes of clothes like the previous week where she went more than 7 times. After that I stopped counting. And no, she has no infection, I took her to the doctor... I don't know if I was happy or sad that there was no medical reason for her frequent pants wetting. Of course I didn't want her to be experiencing any physical harm but I was not content with the idea that this was entirely behavioral and that she was, again, pushing our buttons! But, alas, she was and IS! But 2 good days - so I must celebrate!!

Burpie (our nickname for our 6 month old baby - horrible, I know but it stuck) has been needing breathing treatments to help him breathe a little easier with the latest virus. He sounds horrible and I feel even worse seeing him suffering like he is. He's not eating as much so I'm needing to pump. On the upside, he's started oatmeal and I went shopping and got a bunch of the next foods he'll be getting: mixed cereal (which introduces millet to the already oh-so-exciting oatmeal and rice mix), bananas, sweet potatoes, and winter squash.

It's starting to smell great in the house as I've got Beef Bourgouinne (a Cooking Light recipe) cooking on the stove. We've been eating like crap and I've started feeling like crap too. So I'm going through Mastercook this morning to add all the Cooking Light magazines I have backed up from the Dell Debacle from 2001 until the present. And then I'm going to try to get back into meal planning for next week.


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